The Pros and Cons of Ductless Split System Air Conditioner

A split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit can heat and cool a room. It is a reverse cycle type. You can use it to cool your room during summer seasons or heat your room during winter seasons. This type of split system air conditioner consists of two units. The outdoor unit is installed outside your home while the indoor system is wall mounted inside your home. A split system is either ducted or ductless. A ducted split system air conditioner consists of one central outdoor system, a central controlling device, and more than three indoor units. On the other hand, the ductless split system air conditioner can have one indoor unit or multi-indoor units connected to the outdoor unit with individual controlling device on each indoor unit.

How does a split system air conditioner work?

Split System Air ConditionerInside the house, the system has a thermostat (for ducted) that controls switching on and off the entire split system air conditioner heater and cooling system. You can set this thermostat to your desired temperature. It triggers the system and starts the operation of cooling or heating your home. For a ductless split system, you need to switch on or off individual indoor units. Once the AC unit is on, the evaporator begins removing hot air from the room. The evaporator is located in the indoor system. The heated air passes through the tubes and goes to the compressor that is located outside your home.

The compressor turns the air into highly pressurized one and releases it to the condenser. The condenser converts the air into a low-pressure air and that air passes through the expansion valve. The valve then continues to lower the pressure and brings the air, now cooled, back to the evaporator. The blowers inside the evaporator blow the cooling air to the room. The cycle reverses when the system is set in a heating mode.

Advantages of ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit

Highly Flexible

A ductless split system brings cooled air directly to various parts of the home. Each room has an indoor unit. Each unit is connected to an outdoor unit. The ratio can either be 1 is to 1 or 2 to 3 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. Depending on the maximum capacity of the outdoor unit, you can even install additional indoor units and connect it to your existing outdoor units. If you are planning to install split system air conditioner, you do not have to remove your traditional air conditioning system already installed before installation. You can do that later while your ductless split system is already working.

Improved Quality of Indoor Air

Ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit is more technologically advance than its predecessors. Before the cooling air enters the room, it passes through many stages of filtration. The filters are more elaborate and more efficient, reducing particulates such as dust, bacteria, and allergens.

Quick and Easy installation

Traditionally, ducted system requires weeks to finish and disrupts daily home activities while a ductless system may only take a day. Depending on the number of indoor units, it may take up to several days of installation. You do not even have to worry of rebuilding your wall because the pipes used in a ductless system are small. They require only a three-inch hole, thus, eliminating the need to tear down your walls and install the air conditioning unit. The size of the indoor units is small and yet powerful in cooling or heating a room.

Savings on Utility Bill

The overall cost savings you derive in installing such type is greater than the savings you get from your traditional AC with a high energy efficient rating. One, you can control which room the AC heats or cools. You can seamlessly create zones inside your house. You can switch off indoor units that are not in use, thus, lowering the power consumption throughout the day. If you have many rooms to cool during summer or heat during winter, a ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit is more appropriate for your home.

Two, increase in cooling or heating efficiency due to reduced system loss. An increased efficiency means savings to your utility bill. A ductless split system is more efficient than a ducted split system air conditioner. In a ducted system, around 30% of system loss occurs due to the branching tubes connected to the central cooling or heating system. The system loss is the level of cooling (or hot) air lost as the air travels from the condenser back to the evaporator. In a ductless split system, the cooling (or hot) air goes straight to the indoor unit, which reduces the system loss during the process.

Environment Friendly

The ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit uses a refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion. The manufacturing of ductless system follows energy efficient star guideline that makes it more efficient. This guideline mandates manufacturer to create air conditioning unit that has low carbon emission. Low carbon output means the AC unit is less damaging to the ozone layer.

Disadvantages of ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit

Cost of Purchasing and Installation

A ductless split system air conditioner is more expensive when buying for the first time. In addition, you need to hire a professional technician to help you install the unit. The only way to save is to avail of a tax credit in filing your income tax. Some countries such as the US encourage its citizens to invest on ductless split system air conditioner. A certain percentage of the purchasing cost can be used as a tax credit. Check out with the internal revenue office if such tax credit is applicable in your area.

Correct Sizing of Indoor Units

To maximize savings on utility bills, you need to hire a professional technician who can correctly estimate the size of the indoor unit for the rooms you wanted to install a ductless split system air conditioner. In addition, correct installation is also a big factor in the efficiency of the indoor and outdoor unit. Incorrect size and installation may increase the amount you pay in your utility bill instead of reducing it.

No Built-in Look

A ductless split system air conditioner is less conspicuous but it does not have the built-in look of a ducted, central system. Some homeowners do not like it and still prefer the ducted system.


Qualified professional technicians for a ductless split system are not easy to find. When you can find them, they charge high installation costs. They may even try to convince you to opt for a ducted system.

A ductless split system air conditioner heater and cooling unit is efficient. However, buying one is expensive. Prepare to spend a lot if you really want one. The positive side is you can save as much as 30% on your utility bill. Try to install one set first. See how it affects your utility bill before converting your AC unit into a ductless one.

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