Key benefits of Ducted Gas Heating

In these chilly months of Winter, we all want to stay warm, and we all want to save money. With some heating systems, these two wants do not go hand-in-hand, and we can find ourselves racking up our bill in an attempt to stay warm. Many people long to enjoy the comfort of a warm home, without the stress associated with costs. Keeping your household warm is important, which is why you should consider installing a ducted gas heating system into your home. If you are sick of seeing a high amount on your electricity bill, ducted gas heating may be the right choice for you. If you are considering installing this system, read on and we will outline some benefits you will enjoy if you go ahead with this decision!

The heat is distributed evenly

Ducted gas heating works centrally, meaning you will not have to install multiple heaters into your home. The ducts are placed evenly and strategically within your house, thus making your home feel cosy and warm in these cooler Winter months. Using this heating system can easily heat up your whole Adelaide house, quickly, and some systems offer a zoned heating option which allows you the flexibility of only heating the rooms you desire warmth in, which in turn will end up saving you money.

Ducted gas heating has a flexible installation process, and can be installed in numerous places. This allows you to install this system in spaces that will optimise the use of the heater, which is unique to every household. Some options of installation include; within the roof space, outside, or under the floor. 

It’s efficient 

It can feel wasteful sometimes to heat up your entire house at times in which not all areas are being used, and this can be stressful to some people when considering what their bill will look like. This is completely understandable, which is why ducted gas heating has the option of producing heat in only the areas of your choice. If you decide you would prefer to only heat up particular rooms of your house, you are able to with ducted gas heating. With this style of heating, you are able to heat up your entire house, or just certain areas of your choosing. This is why ducted gas heating is so efficient; you do not have to spend more than you have to! If you are tired of spending a large amount of money on electricity year-round, we urge you to consider heating your house this way.

An important aspect to consider when looking to purchase a ducted gas heating system, is the size of your home, and the size of the heating system. You need to ensure you choose a system that is the correct size, otherwise it won’t be at optimal efficiency. If you choose a system that is too small, you may find it hard to heat up your whole house. On the other hand, if you choose a system too large for your space, you could find yourself spending more money than necessary on heating.

Environmentally friendly

This system of heating your house relies on gas and is therefore more environmentally friendly than other options such as coal-generated electricity. Gas is more natural than many other systems of heating, and thus produces less harmful emissions to the environment. It is estimated that ducted gas heating systems produce one-third of the emissions that coal-generated electricity produces, hence making this system better for the environment. To make the most of the ducted gas heating system, choose one with a 4 or more star energy rating. 

Better air quality

It is known that some heating systems produce air that is too dry and in turn, irritates your skin, eyes and throat. Have you ever left your heater on at night and woken up to a dry throat? This type of dry air being produced by certain heating systems can be harmful, and negatively impact someone with asthma or allergies. Ducted gas heating will help to relieve you of this issue, as the air quality produced by this system is higher and will create a more pleasant environment by keeping the air moist. Furthermore, ducted gas heaters will filter out any dirt in the air of your home, contributing to the higher quality of air being produced. 

A ducted gas heating system furthermore does not have power cords, naked flames, any exposed hot surfaces or fume emissions, and is also for these reasons, much safer for your pets and for your family.

If you have been searching for an efficient way to optimise your home’s heating system in cooler months, and save on costs whilst being environmentally friendly, ducted gas heating is an option to consider. Say goodbye to high costs and dry air, and say hello to a cosy, warm home!

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