Why install two, when one can do the job – All about Reverse cycle air conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the many options available when figuring out how to make your home a more comfortable place for your guest all through the season. Reverse cycle air conditioner comes with multiple options, each has its own benefits and challenges. Depending on the style of your home and its age, there is a model of reverse cycle air conditioner that will work perfectly fine for every home. When looking into an air conditioner for your home, you can either purchase two or one that does the job of two and does it effectively. You can either get a single reverse cycle air conditioner that can heat and cool your home all year round or install one ducted gas heaters and one evaporative air conditioning. reverse cycle air conditioner systems comes in different packages, there’s one for your single room and one for the entire house. The single room reverse cycle air conditioner is also known as split systems air conditioner, these systems work effectively for small space, such as room etc.

The Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system is the other reverse cycle that is capable of carrying the work load of the entire house. This system work with indoor and outdoor units, and ducted outlets that can be fitted in all rooms including your living and lounges through the ceiling. They fit so seamlessly that you won’t notice those outlets in your roof. Before opting for one system, it might be in your best interest to examine which model and process will work best for your building, this article was written to help your understand the benefits associated with this system. If you want more information on ducted reverse cycle air conditioning please visit our page.

Air conditioners are designed with different functionalities and for different purpose.

Some air conditioners are designed to function through natural processes such as water evaporation, and some use refrigerants. Those that only use evaporation cannot function as heaters, and only have a limited ability to cool a home. Reverse cycle air conditioner systems come in many varieties. One for every budget and lifestyle.

Reverse cycle air conditioning in portable design: Portable reverse cycle air conditioner units are expensive, but if you have no other option they are very effective. They usually have two pieces, connected by flexible pipes. The compressor hangs out of the window, and the condenser sits inside. Aside from the price, they can be a little noisy.

Reverse cycle air conditioning design for walls and windows: These come in one piece, and are the least expensive styles. They have a large room capacity, up to 70m square. The bad news is if you want to put it in a window, you need to take out one panel if you are already doing a remodel, or building a new house.

Split systems reverse cycle air conditioner: These units take the noise out of the window unit. Because the compressor is outside, and it is less disturbing to the people inside. Depending on how hard you work your system. Split systems air conditioner such as Mitsubishi electric are very reliable and quiet due to the latest technological advances.

More reason why you should consider a reverse cycle

Heating and Cooling at the lowest cost: Installing a reverse cycle air conditioning unit doesn’t just stop at the fact that one system can do two tasks effectively. It also means that you get to do the two tasks affordably. This is because energy is gained and lost from the ambient atmosphere outside. Energy and resources are not spent heating at the materials and them moving them around. The heat is gathered from the outside and brought in naturally. This means lower gas bills, and utility costs. The refrigerants are also specially formulated. These chemicals have a heat capacity up to three times their own volume. That means they can absorb large amounts of energy before moving on. This high efficiency mix will cut your utility bills even further. You may consider the initial cost of a reverse cycle air conditioning system to be more expensive, on the long run, the cost of running and maintaining one reverse cycle air conditioner is way economical than running and maintaining two ducts. With a life time of up to twenty years, the investment is well worth it.

It’s imperative that you look out for the energy rating of your air conditioner before purchasing one. The energy rating ranges from one star to five star. Five star is the highest energy rating. For a large family sized air conditioner systems, it’s recommendable to opt for energy rating of about 3 to 5 stars as this ranges can save you hundreds of dollars per year of your running.

Versatility: It can be threaded underground or in the open air. Running your pipes underground allows for a better aesthetic, not only that, it can also generate cooler temperatures in the summer. The deep soil is naturally cooler than the air in the summer, and warmer than the air in the winter. Threading your pipes underground taps into the natural heat or coolness provided by the earth. You can have them installed in windows, walls, or even as a central system in the roof or basement. Should you choose, they can also be installed as a ducted system with the central hub in the room or basement. The flexibility you derive from a reverse cycle air conditioner unit is endless.

Reverse cycle air conditioner is Safe: These systems are always cool to the touch, so they are safe around children and pets. with reverse cycle air conditioners, there are not exposures to chemicals, therefore they are safe. The system also filter the air in your home and dehumidifies the air so if there’s any one allergic to durst or moist air, their best choice would be a reverse cycle air conditioner.

We can go on and on about ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, however, it’s best you get in touch with an expert from Rite Price heating and Cooling to get the more information about how best this system can really make a different not only to your bank account, but to your health. For more information on this product, please call Rite Price Heating and Cooling on 1300 791 288

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