How to Find a Top Rated Air Conditioner

Top Rated Air ConditionerYou do not have to suffer during the summer heat because all you need to do is to find a top rated air conditioner. If the purpose of air conditioning is only to provide cooling where it is needed, a room or window unit costs less to operate compared to central air conditioning units. This article can help you look for the model that will suit your cooling needs.

A Top Rated Air Conditioner Comes with Good Energy Efficiency

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio is the one that measures the efficiency of air conditioning systems. The EER of the air conditioning unit is the rating of its Btu (British thermal units) over its wattage. Higher EER rating means the air conditioner is more efficient. For every 1.0 increase on the EER scale, it means it is 10% more energy efficient.

When looking for a top rated air conditioner, you can see the EER information on the energy label for the equipment. Choose a unit that has a minimum of 11 EER rating.

A Top Rated Air Conditioner Comes with the Proper Size

If your air conditioning system is too small, it will not be able to do a good job in cooling your room. If it is too big, it will cool really quickly and it will not have the time it needs to eliminate enough moisture, which will make the room too cold and clammy.

Normally, a window unit has a cooling capacity that ranges between 5,000 and 12,500 Btu. However, do not depend on that rule alone. In general, air conditioners need 20 Btu for every square foot, but other factors should also be considered, including the size of the doorways and windows and the height of the ceiling. To measure the area, multiply its width by its length. It is recommended that you use higher capacity if you will install the unit in the kitchen or in a sunny window.

Note the Noise

A top rated air conditioner will have an excellent score in noise tests. It means that it is so quiet and the only sound that you may hear is the fan. On the other hand, air conditioners that have a fair score in noise tests can be distracting and can disturb light sleepers. Check out some review of air conditioning systems first if you do not want a unit that is too noisy.

Consider the Location of the Window

In general, an air conditioning system does a better job delivering air in a certain direction. A problem can arise with this if your window is not installed at the centre of the wall. You would have to direct air to the centre of the room to evenly cool the space, so find out whether you need the unit to blow air to the left or to the right. Some systems have a rotating fan.

Install the Unit Correctly

You need to install the unit properly so you can maximize the functionality of a top rated air conditioner. Most air conditioning units are designed for double-hung windows. You may consider getting a through-the-wall air conditioning unit if you have casement windows. For it to drain properly, make sure that it is level. Moreover, you need to move away any heat-generating devices like a lamp or television from the air conditioner.

Check the Warranty

The warranties of some air conditioning systems may be longer than others. When purchasing a new unit, you can go to the website of the manufacturer or ask a retailer regarding some information about the warranty for a particular make and model.

Types of Air Conditioners

Check out these important things about certain types of air conditioning systems to help you decide which top rated air conditioner is right for you.

  • Small Window Type – the capacity ranges between 5,000 and 6,000 Btu per hour. It can cool a room that has a size of about 100-300 square feet.

Pros: This type is usually the cheapest, smallest, and lightest among air conditioning units.

Cons: It has limited space cooling capacity.

  • Midsized Window Type – the capacity is between 7,000 and 8,200 Btu per hour and can cool a space with a size of about 250-400 square feet.

Pros: In general, it can handle a bigger room that measures up to 400 square feet.

Cons: This type tends to be more expensive than the small window type. Their weight and size also makes them more difficult to install and take out for winter storage.

  • Large Window Type – the capacity range is between 9,800 and 12,500 Btu per hour. If you need to cool a much bigger room, this is the top rated air conditioner because it can cool a room with a size of about 350-650 square feet.

Pros: It can cool an even bigger room that measures up to 650 square feet.

Cons: Its weight and bulk make it awkward and harder to install. If the system is too powerful, the compressor might frequently turn on and off. This makes the unit unable to appropriately reduce the humidity, causing a cold, damp room.

  • Portable Type – this is designed for a house wherein building regulations or window configurations prevent installing window air conditioners. The cooling capacity of portable units is between 5,000 and 15,500 Btu per hour. However, you cannot compare window and portable units only by Btus.

Pros: If you do not have any other choice, this type provides cooling for your home. You can also store it effortlessly during the cold season.

Cons: The main concern for this type is that it takes up space on the floor. They also weight about 50 to 80 pounds and the hose can be up to 7 feet. So that the airflow will not be restricted, the unit should be located away from a wall.


To help you more with your research, here are the features that you should note.

  • Directing Airflow – most units have adjustable louvers to direct airflow horizontally or vertically.
  • Efficiency Aids – the timer feature turns off the unit after the set time or turns it on before you get home. There is also a unit that has an energy-saver feature that stops the fan once the compressor turns off.
  • Dehumidifying Mode – this can be useful during humid, but cool days during autumn and spring.
  • Exhaust Setting or fresh-air intake – functions as a ventilator without cooling.

These are some of the tips you need to make sure that you find a top rated air conditioner that is right for you.

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