Dual Heating and Cooling Systems: Enjoy the Comfort of Both Without Breaking the Bank

Were you aware that heating and cooling systems account for almost half of all residential expenses? And depending on the nature of the weather enjoyed here in Adelaide, these expenses can easily rise due to the extreme heat that residents face. As such, it is in your best interest to find the most efficient dual heating and cooling system that you can afford, as this will affect the cost of energy consumption over the course of your home’s life. Switching from an electric furnace to an all-electric air-source heat pump can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 50 per cent.

Why a Heat Pump Reduces Costs

The reason that dual heating and cooling systems are invaluable is due to the use of an energy-efficient heat pump. This electrical device can extract heat from one place and transfer it to another area in your home. As well, it efficiently uses the outside air for maximum heating benefits in colder months. It operates on the same principle as your refrigerator. By using a circulating refrigerant, it helps to absorb and transport heat. In conjunction with the reversing valve, the pump can be used alternatively between heating and cooling. One system can do both jobs, and, in conjunction with your existing furnace, it can bear more of the load of traditional electric systems.

Factors That Affect Heat Pump Efficiency

It is important that you get a system and pump that is sized or matched to your home. Not being properly balanced in terms of supplementary heating can put undue wear and tear on your system. If your home is located in a particularly severe area, this too can affect the overall energy cost and efficiency of your unit. Finally, the general cost of electricity and other fuels in your particular area can be a factor in cost. Costs will mainly be determined by the quality and type of heat pump you purchase. However, depending on your location and these other factors, you don’t automatically require the biggest and the best. Talk to a specialist to determine exactly what your heating and cooling requirements are, the size of your residence, and your expectations.

Getting a System Tailored to Your Needs

It’s advised to select a unit with as high an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) as you can afford. By minimizing defrost cycles you can see an even greater level of efficiency, since system reversals are particularly taxing on the machine. It’s also advised to have a heat pump that is not sized to provide the main cooling requirements of a house. This is because the system may become over-burdened in the summer, with such a powerful unit at work. The unit should be sized to accommodate and match both the heating and cooling needs. Year-round protection should be a consideration before you invest in a system.

One of the advantages of talking to a specialist is that they can determine the unique requirements your home deserves to be properly heated and cooled. Together you can find the perfect balance between up-front costs, such as unit price and installation charges, and the yearly energy consumption expectations.

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