Our Look at the Best Combination Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning Units, Fit for Every Home and Lifestyle

When the hot months arrive in Australia, we know what most homeowners are focused on in order to improve the quality and comfort of their homes: a functional and powerful air conditioning unit. There are many different air conditioning units on the market that offer both of the most needed qualities, powerful and functional, and they come in a range of sizes and models, too. When it comes to choosing an air conditioning unit to fit your home and lifestyle, you may wish to combine this functionality with a heating option so that the unit remains functional during the colder season. Here’s a quick look at the best combination heating and cooling air conditioning units, with a variety of sizes and models that are fit for every home and lifestyle.

In-The-Window Heating and Cooling: LG Heat, Cool Window Air Conditioner (Model LW2410HR)

Amongst their wide range and assortment of the pricier and more permanent ductless systems, LG also makes a combination heater and air conditioner that can be installed directly in the frame of a specified window in your home. The LG Heat, Cool Window Air Conditioner is a great, functional option for those on a budget looking for more immediate relief from the summer heat. This unit is easy to install and can also be easily moved to another window for functionality in another room of the home.

Great for sleep comfort in bedrooms, both for cooler summer days and warmers winter nights, the unit offers multiple different heating and cooling speeds and air flow in all four directions. The remote control functionality that comes with the unit makes it easy and convenient to use, especially from your bedside, and also offers a 12-hour on/off timer as well as an eco-friendly energy saver option. With many positive customer reviews, an affordable price, and a 5-year warranty, the LG Heat, Cool Window Air Conditioner is suitable for almost every home and lifestyle, especially where homeowners wish to make the maximum use of their home’s space.

Easy-To-Install Efficiency: LG Portable Air Conditioning Cooling & Heating (Model LP1414SHR)

For an alternative option of similar standards and quality, with a great option for transportability and immediacy, the LG Portable Air Conditioning Cooling & Heating unit is an affordable unit with both heating and cooling features that can be brought to any room of your house whenever you choose. If you’re not keen on the installation process of the LG window air conditioning and heating unit, you’ll be pleased with the simplicity of the installation process of this portable unit: bring it home and plug it in! The unit is able to heat up or cool down a 600-square-foot area of your home with maximum efficiency and functionality.

On top of the general heating and cooling options of the unit, there is also a dehumidification function to help keep your indoor humidity levels under control and your overall household comfort at a maximum. This function works by mixing warm air and cool dry air for the ultimate home comfort while preventing overcooling, and can end up saving you money on energy expenses. The oscillating air vent of this unit ensures the maximum airflow that will keep every square inch of the air in your home at a desired temperature. The unit looks upscale, too, with its white LCD display panel and silver exterior, and its energy-saver function ensures that it remains kind to the planet.

Functional and Hidden: Friedrich Small Breeze Mini Split Air Conditioner (Model BR0412W1A)

If you like the space-saving benefit that comes along with the first model we looked at, but would prefer to keep the usage of your window, you should consider taking a look at the Friedrich Small Breeze Mini Split Air Conditioner. This easy-to-install combination heating and cooling air conditioner (which is also small and lightweight) comes with a wall mount and is designed to be installed up high on a wall and well out of the way to ensure you can still make maximum use of your space and window. With its quieter-than-most feature, the Friedrich Breeze unit might be the perfect added comfort to your bedroom or living room space where quiet and relaxation are appreciated.

This unit is perfect to heat or cool a room on the second floor of your home, as well as a basement room or any other interior space. Its ease of installation also ensures that you can take the unit with you should you be planning a move. Though roughly double the price of the LG Heat and Cool Window Air Conditioner, the Friedrich Breeze offers a quiet breeze with high efficiency that is neatly tucked out of the way.

Portable Affordability: Haier Portable Cool/Heat Air Conditioner (Model HPN12XHM)

If you’re looking for the functionality and ease of installation of the LG Portable Unit, consider the Haier Portable Cool/Heat Air Conditioner as a more affordable alternative. This unit is especially effective and useful for the homeowner who wishes to make use of the unit in one specific area of the home, and it comes with a quick and easy to install window exhaust kit. This 12,000 BTU energy star-rated appliance offers three fan and cooling speeds, as well as a 24-hour timer and a sleek, digital control panel. This modern-looking black and silver unit can be integrated seamlessly into most homes and spaces, and also works as a moisture-removal unit for your home. The easy set up and remote control feature make this unit a favourite amongst homeowners.

With many options available on the market that will do both jobs of cooling and heating your home, the process of choosing one appliance can be time-consuming. Understanding your financial budget before shopping can give you a great advantage in choosing correctly, while reading online reviews and understanding your own needs can significantly increase your chances of being satisfied with your decision. Continue to read and learn about your available options, and work your way to a state of temperature-controlled happiness and comfort.

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