Should you go with a wall mounted, reverse cycle air conditioner?

There are so many options when looking for the perfect reverse cycle air conditioning unit for your home. From fully ducted systems, wall mounted, multi-head split systems, window units and of course portable units there is truly a solution to meet every need. If you are a homeowner, then your options are more flexible due to the potential costs incurrence and the ‘wholesale’ changing of some of the internal, and external walls of your home.

wall mounted air conditioner

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With wall mounted, reverse cycle air conditioning units being the most commonly used solution around the world, it is important that we unpack all the features, advantages and benefits of the systems for you to understand as well as why the solution may fit your needs – then again, you may need something different.

What is the purpose of a wall mounted air conditioning unit?

Well to put it simply, to heat and cool a space in your home and to keep you and your family in air conditioned comfort all year round. In broader terms, a wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning unit has an internal wall mounted head unit connected through a range of pipes to an external condenser unit – that essentially does all the heavy lifting.

What you will see inside your home, is the wall mounted head unit, that is typically controlled by remote control from anywhere around the room. These units are the most versatile, most flexible units as they can be put anywhere there is a wall space, ideally up higher to filter and circulate temperature controlled air throughout your room.

What are the costs?

One of the most attractive features of the wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning units are that they start from around $650 for a base model 2.5kw system and can go upwards to around $4000 for an 8.5kw Wi-Fi controlled system. So essentially there is a solution to meet the needs of every home or office.
In addition to the cost of the unit – the same as most air conditioning solutions – you will require an installer, who can cost anything from $300+ to install your unit, depending on the complexity, the distance from the condenser and the type of home you are a living in which will obviously change the total outlay.

Why reverse cycle?

Most wall mounted air conditioning units are reverse cycle these days. The benefit of a reverse cycle unit as the name suggests is that the unit can produce both hot and cold solutions for your home – offering you the ultimate in family comfort.
During the cold Australian winters, your split system wall mounted air conditioning unit will push warmed air around your room, heating it quickly and efficiently. During the blistering Australian summer, you can simply select the ‘cooling’ setting, and your reverse cycle system will produce filtered cool air.

Although there are cheaper options without the reverse cycle attached, it needs to be considered that reverse cycle offers you the ‘best of both worlds’ in a cost effective and efficient package. For a Sydney recording studio, where installation must be done in some of the high rise sky scrappers in Sydney, you decision need to match your reality.

Will I need more than one system for my home?

Having a wall mounted reverse cycle air conditioning unit in your home is an excellent option, but the truth is that it will effectively cool the room in is situated in, with the potential for cooling adjacent rooms.

There are however options such as installing a ‘multi-head’ wall mounted split system air conditioning unit, which allows multiple head units to run from a single condenser or there is always the option of putting multiple units in and around the home to send conditioned air around the home.

It short, if you have a small one bedroom apartment, then one wall mounted, a reverse cycle air conditioning unit with 2.5kw or more will be enough. However should you be looking for any more than that, then there will be challenges for just the one system getting the job done.

What size will I need to cool my room?

As mentioned, there may be challenges in getting two or more rooms effectively heated or cooled by one wall-mounted split system air conditioning unit. However, before you run out and spend money on a system or multiple systems, let’s look at a rough guide for your needs:

Remembering that technology has come a long way, however, the kilowatt level is a true indication of where your reverse cycle needs are:

2.5kw: will cool a 10-25sq room (bedroom or study)
3.5kw: will cool a 25sq – 35sq room (bedroom or small lounge)
5kw: will cool a 35 – 60sq space (large bedrooms or lounge rooms)
7kw: will cool a 60sq+ area (large open plan areas or shops)

Based on this, you may be better to look at purchasing a larger, multi-head or ever multiple units for your wall mounted air conditioning needs. The best tip is to take your house plans into your retail store, or better yet have someone come out to your home to effectively assess your needs.

What features can we get for our home?

Your wall-mounted system can have a range of features, especially in the models that are priced at the higher end of the spectrum that could have a bearing on your decision and the effectiveness to heat/cool your home.

Some of the features include:

– Wi-Fi access allowing you to access your system and get your home to its perfect temperature before you arrive.

– Sensors to detect when people are in the room. When they are not the temperature is adjusted to be running at the most efficient temperature.

– Wide/Long sweep, which will push the air in and around your room to cover a greater area more quickly.

– Sleep functions and timers to ensure that your system is only on when it needs to be.

– Advanced cleaning and filter options allowing for only the cleanest, conditioned air to ever enter your home.

There is a range of features and benefits that each system will have, it is important that when you are looking for a wall mounted reverse cycle system, that you ensure you get the system you need, not just the most features – that you may not use.

What will it look like on my wall?

There is always a concern with new customers of wall mounted air conditioner systems as to what it will look like on the wall. Will I have a fridge stuck to the wall? Will it stick out? Will the air conditioning unit be an eyesore?

It is reassuring to know, that your wall mounted units now come in a range of sleek line models, colours, shapes and sizes to match or at least blend with the decor of your home. Some brands even go as far to claim their systems add to the aesthetics of your home!
So rest assured, even the cheapest of systems when wall mounted don’t look out of place when you are enjoying temperature controlled comfort all year around.
Your wall mounted split system air conditioning unit will provide you and your family comfort, convenience and efficiency regarding outlay, installation, running and servicing costs when stacking up against many of the other cooling options for your home.

The key is to speak with your licenced, experienced and qualified industry expert who can provide the right advice for your ‘specific situation’ based on needs and budget, rather than just sell you the brand they receive the best commission on.
Speaking with experts such as Rite Price will remove the stress of your purchase and set you and your family up for all year around comfort thanks to your wall mounted, reverse cycle air conditioner.
To find out more about installing an air conditioning unit, speak with the experts from Rite Price Heating & Cooling today.

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