Getting the best from your air conditioning maintenance for your Adelaide property

Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to ensure it runs efficiently and offers the right amount of performance for your property. Well-maintained AC systems that are routinely checked and maintained allow your Adelaide home to be perfectly climate controlled all year round. While repairs are inevitable from time to time, general maintenance of your air conditioner system will ensure your annual costs for running the system are kept low, and the efficiency of your system is maintained.

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To properly maintain an air conditioning system there is a wide range of steps for basic maintenance as well as more intensive maintenance that can be undertaken by a trained and licenced expert. In this article, we explore some of the maintenance steps you should be aware of as well as the benefits of regularly maintaining your system in your Adelaide home or office.

Benefits of regular maintenance

Your air conditioner unit is a valuable electrical appliance within your home, and whether you have installed a simple wall mounted unit or a complete ducted air conditioning system, it’s important that your air conditioning is maintained just as you would your car or any other valuable appliance in your home.

Reasons why you should ensure you regularly maintain your air con

Improvements in efficiency

It’s well known that for each year that an air conditioner runs, the units can lose up to 5% of their efficiency – especially in the case of wall mounted air conditioner units. If you regularly maintain your system, you can reduce this and ensure you get the best from your unit so that it runs smoothly and you avoid expensive repair bills.

Save on your electricity bill

A well-maintained unit will save you lots of money come the time when your electricity bill arrives. If you work out a plan that mkes it possible for your unit to be regularly maintained, you can avoid expensive blowouts on your electricity bill and ensure that your unit is running efficiently.

Your AC expert will also be able to provide insight into the best temperature to set your unit so it is climate controlled and operating at optimum levels.

Save on repairs

If your AC unit breaks down, you’ll be in for expensive repairs, meaning you could suffer the heat wave if your AC should break down during the summer months when you need climate control the most. Your trained expert will check for any leaks, filters and any issues, which may save you from needing expensive repairs and damaging your unit.

Improve your air quality

Your unit will not only keep your property cool in summer and warm in winter but also ensure you have the highest quality air in your home or office. A dirty air conditioner unit can mean you might have a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and germs in your unit, which can have an adverse effect on the people working or living in the property. When the air is turned on in a unit that has not been maintained properly the air will be contaminated and might expose residents to poor quality air, which can trigger respiratory infections, and even asthma attacks.

What’s covered in a yearly inspection from a licenced expert?

When you engage the services of an experienced AC maintenance team, you’re paying for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance call that might include the checks outlined below. Refrigerant change – this is important you don’t do this yourself as refrigerant is very difficult to work with if you are not licenced or experienced. It is best to leave any maintenance regarding refrigerant to the experts to ensure you are safe and out of harm’s way.

Electrical readings – during scheduled annual AC maintenance the electrical readings are tested, and the voltage to all motors are also reviewed to ensure all electrical are in safe working order. Air flow testing – if you have a unit that has ever has issues with air flow, you would be well aware of the importance of regular testing and maintenance. It’s imperative that your system is checked regularly to avoid sudden break down.

Lubricant check – a licenced air conditioner expert will check that all moving parts of the air conditioner unit are well lubricated and working efficiently. Thermostat, fan motors & fan belt check – the thermostat will be adjusted and cleaned, and the fan motors and fan belts will also be checked and tested to ensure they are all running as per the expected warranty of the air conditioning unit.

Filter check and clean – during an air conditioner maintenance service call, your experienced technician will check the air filters, clean them if necessary and ensure the filters are clean and clear for the unit to be working efficiently. As well as the items listed above, your annual maintenance call will also including checking the electrical wiring, inspecting the drain lines and indoor coils, inspecting the outdoor air conditioner unit, testing the condenser coils and ensuring every element of the air conditioner unit is working at optimum levels for your property.

What can you do at home without an expert?

Outlined below are a few simple steps you can do yourself to maintain your air conditioner unit in between annual servicing. By undertaking some basic maintenance that you can DIY you can ensure your air conditioning unit is always firing on all cylinders and is running at optimum levels.

While a heating, ventilating and air conditioner system specialist will be able to manage your annual service, you can do a quick maintenance check from time to time to check that your air conditioner is running smoothly.

Step 1 – Shut off the power

This is important to ensure your air conditioner is not powered when you are doing a quick maintenance check. You can turn off the power at the breaker box to ensure you are protected from any live currents from the compressor or condenser.

Step 2 – Check outdoor unit for any debris

Your outdoor air conditioner unit should be free of any debris and clear from any plant material to ensure it runs properly and without any interference. Ideally ensure all trees, shrubs and any organic growth is cleared from around the area to ensure nothing interferes with the running of the exterior unit.

Step 3 – Clean the outdoor fins of the outdoor unit

If you have been given the go-ahead from your registered and licenced contractor to clean the outdoor unit fins yourself, you can either clean them with an outdoor hose or a pressure cleaner. The unit is made for the outdoors so giving the fins and the outside of the unit a quick clean is a good way to ensure it is free of any debris which may hinder the performance of the unit.

Step 4 – Rake any leaves around the unit and tidy up the area

Your outdoor unit is exposed to the elements, so clearing any leaves or branches is a quick and easy way to ensure that the unit is properly protected. Give the unit around 2 feet of clear space around it and ensure that the condenser doesn’t get exposed to any debris that could cause corrosion or damage.

Step 5 – Clean the filter

If your contractor has given you cleaning instructions on how to clean the filter correctly, you can clean and tidy the filter of the unit to ensure the unit is running properly. Always ensure you follow manufacturer’s instructions and if you are in doubt stop and ask a licenced contractor to ensure you are following the correct steps and aren’t causing any damage to your air conditioner unit.

Step 6 – Turn the power back on

Once you have given your unit a little bit of TLC, you can turn the unit back on and test it to ensure it is running properly. Your air conditioner unit is a valuable asset for your property and by ensuring you maintain your unit properly and on a regular basis will ensure your unit is running at optimum levels and you are getting the most from your air conditioner.

For more information on how to maintain your air conditioner unit in your Adelaide property or to speak with a qualified and experienced air conditioner specialist, speak with the team from Rite Price Heating & Cooling today to discuss the best options for maintaining your air conditioner unit to ensure it stands the test of time.

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