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The recent years has seen the dominance emergence of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning as a popular means to keep your home hot during winter and cool during summer. Reverse cycle air conditioning is such a multipurpose system in that it could be installed in residential homes and commercial spaces as well. If your number goal is to get optimum climate control in your home and commercial space, reverse cycle ducted air conditioning can be a great option. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is the most effective way of cooling and heating your home without the need of installing two different air conditioning systems. Without the option of ducted air conditioning systems, home owners will be subjected to installing two massive systems, perhaps one evaporative cooling system and one ducted gas heating system.

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Although some perceive ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to be expensive, this couldn’t be further from the reality. If you consider installing an evaporative cooling air conditioning system and a ducted gas heating system, plus the cost of servicing two different systems over the period of years you’ll have them, doing the maths, you’ll quickly realise it’s more economical to install one reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system and manage one system than installing two and managing both simultaneously. As the installation of ducted air conditioning system is considered to be a huge investment, it is imperative therefore to make an informed decision just so you don’t regret the aftermath of your air conditioning purchases. I would first and foremost, recommend an air conditioning expert to give you a complete break-down on all your options and let your make the right decision based on your financial standing and condition of your home. The fact is; it is quite a challenging undertaking to shell out thousands of dollars on air conditioning system, keeping some things in mind during your decision making phase can take away the pressure and provide you with a good mental condition to make the right choice as quick as possible.

How much do you know about your reverse cycle system

All the air conditioners operate on the principle of heat pumping. Reverse cycle air conditioners, or heat pumps as they’re commonly known, work by extracting heat from outside air and transferring it inside. They use a refrigerant to warm “during winter and cooling during summer months” the air that is being drawn inside. They can also filter and dehumidify the air. Heat pump heaters are also generally more efficient than other electric heaters.

Cool liquid called refrigerant then evaporates as it becomes warm from the hot air and it flows in the compressor thus creating high pressure. the heat exchanger outside the building called your outdoor unit pumps the gas and permits the heat to escape, this process enable the cooling of your home. The most important feature of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is that they can also perform the reverse process as mentioned above.

Does reverse cycle worth your investment ?

It is important to stop and think before spending thousands of dollars on the system. Consider the climate in which you live and decide whether you are actually in need of Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system. You may only be needing a heat only or cool only system. So, perform proper research before the investment. It is also crucial to take a look at the other options available.

It is suggested to optimise the energy efficiency of your building before you choose the option. You can get some guidance before making the investment and jumping to conclusions.

Things to Keep In Mind

It is important to keep certain things in mind before you proceed to install a system. It is crucial to understand the full structure both internally and externally. Proper understanding helps to avoid any issues later. It is important to know whether the system is to be installed in a new house or old already built building. So, prior to getting quotes from various companies and choosing a system, do not forget to follow the preliminary steps. The things which are to be considered are:

  • The number of people in the house- It is vital to decide which system you should choose and your needs.
  • The use of each area of the building- It is also important to see the uses various areas of the building or house are put to. Like the hall, kitchen, sleeping area, washroom etc.
  • Doors and windows- The position and size of the windows and doors is also to be kept in mind.
  • The floor plan- It is also a vital point to be considered. This includes seeing the structure of the rooms of the house or building, the number of levels, the facing of the rooms etc.
  • Construction type- You may not be aware but the construction type of the house is also to be kept in mind.

Are these systems energy efficient?

The main point of concern in anyone’s mind is whether these systems are energy efficient. But, you need not worry a lot about it as the modern systems are very energy efficient. The effective system can produce around 3 kW of heat or cooling for each kW of energy it consumes. So, it is not heavy on your pocket.

What are the running and buying cost of the system?

You may get a reverse ducted air conditioning system for around $5000, but the price can even reach twice the amount according to your needs and the size of the building. The costs also depend upon the system type that you decide to get installed. But, the running costs depend on various other factors such as mentioned below:

  • The system’s energy efficiency.
  • The electricity tariff of the building.
  • The size and the system type.
  • The hours of operating the system.

Economical way to get the desired temperatures

If you are confused whether these systems are economical or not, you can be at rest. The reverse ducted air conditioning systems by Mitsubishi electric are energy efficient. The best part is that you can install the systems anywhere suitable in your home and connecting the duct can be done by the expert. This makes your home area spacious and free to move. The systems are economical because of the various energy saving features they have. The compressors automatically start operating at lower speeds when the desired temperatures are reached. So, it becomes easier for you to get the desired climate without spending huge amount of your money.

So, get the desired temperatures at your house, with the best performance and energy efficient Reverse Cycle ducted air conditioning systems by us. We guarantee you will not regret the choice now or in the years to come. Get the quotes today!

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