Gas Is Easier Than Ever With the South Australian Gas Rebate – How Much Can You Get Back?

If you’re a low income earner in South Australia, you may be eligible for the gas rebate on an energy efficient and environmentally friendly hot water system. The SA Government Solar Hot Water Rebate Scheme was introduced in July 2008, and since then has helped thousands of homeowners comply with performance standards for domestic water heater installations. The standards aim to aid the uptake of gas, heat pump and solar heaters that are energy efficient and cost effective, which means you receive double savings – a rebate on the purchase of a new water heater and savings on your monthly bill! If you have been considering a move to gas heating in your home, utilising the rebate scheme could be just right for you.

Details of the Rebate

The South Australian government is providing a $500 rebate to applicants who meet a certain set of criteria. First up, you must be a homeowner who is installing a complying gas solar water heater in your new home or renovation, or a homeowner who is replacing your existing hot water system entirely. If your area does not have access to natural gas, you may be able to get a rebate for an electric solar heater or a heat pump. Please note that the gas solar heater must be servicing your principal place of residence, and you must hold one of these concession cards from the Australian federal government to apply – a Centrelink Health Care Card, a DVA Gold Card (for Totally and Permanently Incapacitated people, war widows, and people with extreme disabilities), or a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card.

Why You Should Replace Your Current Water Heater

Your current electric water heater is less energy efficient than new gas solar heaters and is likely costing you more money. Did you know that around 30 per cent of your home energy use comes from electric water heating? While replacing your current system requires an investment, once you get your rebate from the South Australian government and your electricity bills become cheaper, your replacement system pays for itself. What’s more, gas solar heaters reduce carbon emissions from your household and are better for the environment – isn’t it great that you can reduce your carbon footprint and save yourself money in the long run?

Act Fast to Receive Your Rebate

Like many things on this earth, South Australian government gas rebates are a finite resource – they are only available through participating suppliers until August 31st, 2014. With just a few months until this offer runs out, there’s no time like the present to update your hot water system to gas solar. There’s also a possibility that new laws will be introduced soon which will likely ban electric storage water heaters from being installed.

If you’re looking to replace your home hot water system and wish to save yourself $500 now, as well as countless dollars in future energy savings, there really is no time like the present. Your Adelaide home could be the next residence to reap the rewards of an energy efficient hot water system. Don’t delay – this amazing offer from the South Australian government ends in August 2014.

Six Reasons Your Heater Should Have a Six Star Rating (and Examples of Models That Do)

When it comes to choosing a heater for your home in Australia, you might be wondering why six star has suddenly become so popular. For a relatively new standard, how are six star rated heaters any better than the previous standard of five star rated ones? Here are six reasons your heater should have a six star rating, as well as some examples of models that do.

Safety: For Your Family and Your Home

With the latest innovations of technology, opting for a six star heater for your home will decrease chances of poor performance or malfunctions, keeping your home, and your family, as safe as can be.

Sustainability: Better for the Environment

The higher the star rating on your heater, the lower carbon emissions they will cause and the more sustainable they will be for the environment. When it comes to gas heaters, like Braemar World’s First Six Star Ducted Gas Heating Range designed by Seeley International, the higher the star rating, the better the conversion from gas to heat. With these types of heaters, almost 100% of the gas used in the heating process is converted to heat Lower waste means better sustainability!

Savings: Lower Cost to Run

Going with a six star rated heater for your home directly benefits your wallet, and should therefore be an easy decision to make. Each additional star directly translates to between 10 and 15% savings on energy costs to run the heater, which can significantly decrease the amount of your monthly home expenses, freeing up money to be used elsewhere. The StarPro Six Star Series by Brivis, for example, is a ducted gas heating offering 30% annual savings when compared to a three star of its kind.

Government Subsidy: Energy Efficient Homes

The Australian government works together with consumers to help establish a standard and incentive for energy efficient homes, which, when working together, will significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions that are negatively impacting the environment. Depending on where in Australia you live, you can receive subsidies from the government for choosing an energy efficient heater. The installation of such can also promote an entirely six star rated home.

Efficiency: They Work Better

The increased efficiency you will find with six star rated heaters is unprecedented in other lower-rated heaters. You will surely feel how efficient the machine is, as it will heat up your home much more quickly than you’ve experienced with other heaters.

Regulations: Be Ahead of the Curve

Since 2003, when the Australian Building Codes Board introduced energy efficiency measures for buildings into the Building Code of Australia, regulations have been tightening up surrounding the concept of energy-efficient homes and buildings. At the end of 2011, the six star rating became the minimum new building efficiency in most of Australia as a measure to guard against greenhouse gas emissions. It isn’t too far fetched, based on these tightening regulations, that six star rated heaters will soon be required in new and old homes. Therefore, you should remain ahead of the curve and opt for six stars.

Remaining ahead of the curve and opting for six star heating is something that is beneficial to you, your family, and your environment. This is also a selling feature for your home should you decide to move, and a decision you certainly won’t regret. So opt for energy efficiency, and go with the most stars!

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