Fujitsu Air Conditioning: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

When purchasing a Fujitsu air conditioning system, there are a number of factors to consider. Are you planning to cool the entire home or just some rooms or areas? Are you looking for initial or long-term cost effectiveness? And finally, have you considered other factors such as noise and temperature control?

Climate Control Throughout the Home With Fujitsu air conditioning

When choosing a central air conditioning system, there are three types of models, all of which rely on duct work to force cool air throughout the home. The central ducted air conditioner features a large cooling fan and motor unit that sits outside the home, while the ducted reverse cycle model is tucked inside a confined space inside the home. The split system contains both indoor and outdoor parts and can also easily be added to a home’s existing heating system.

Without large units sitting in the centre of rooms, these systems are unobtrusive and distribute air evenly throughout the home, especially useful in unusually shaped or narrow rooms. These systems are also quieter to run. Price is a factor as the units themselves are costly and they must be professionally installed. However, if a house is a new build or you are already doing home renovations, it is an easy add-on to existing remodelling work.

Cooling Individual Rooms or Areas with Fujitsu air conditioning

Wall units, window units and portable air conditioners can all be used to cool different specified areas of the home. Wall units are the most popular of this type as they can be discreetly mounted. Some installation is, of course, required. Window units, as their name belies, are placed in a window which, while requiring no installation, also obstruct views. Finally, portable units are small and lightweight and useful for direct cooling on the body, but are ineffective at cooling larger areas.

These types of models are all inexpensive and require little to no installation. Unfortunately, they are all ultimately more expensive to run as they use a great deal of electricity.

Keeping Temperature Under Control with Fujitsu air conditioning

Similar to heating furnaces, many air conditioning systems moderate air temperature by turning off when the ideal air temperature is reached. When it falls, the system comes back on. A smoother version, however, is the inverter system, which automatically adjusts fan and motor speed to regulate air temperature. These systems self-regulate based on the air temperature in the room and modulate rather than turning completely off. Inverter systems are more expensive for the initial purchase but are more energy efficient overall so less costly in the long run.

When purchasing an air conditioning system for your home, be aware of how much you want to spend both initially and in the long run. Consider the size of area you want to cool, the number of rooms and the benefits of noise and temperature control versus costly installation.

Considering a Fujitsu Air Conditioner? Our Guide to Models That Compare Favourably

Whether you choose a room air conditioner, a multi-type system or evaporative cooling system to keep your home comfortable, there are products on the market that compare favourably with Fujitsu air conditioners. Don’t pay more than is necessary when installing new equipment or replacing used equipment. Find a professional that can help you decide on the type of air conditioner that you need, and you will be assured that you are getting the most for your money.

Different Systems for Different Applications

If you are air conditioning a small area, a room air conditioner may be suitable for your application, they are easy to install and can be put in any room. Like the bigger whole house units, they also come in a variety of KW outputs depending on room size, and do not require ducting or special electrical hook-ups.

For smaller homes and spaces room air conditioners are sufficient, however, larger systems use ductwork to control the flow of air through your home. Toshiba makes ducted reverse cycle air conditioners that can cool your entire home. Built in several configurations and ranges of cooling capacity Toshiba has the unit that is right for you. Comparable to Fujitsu’s ducted air conditioners; the Toshiba brand offers a five-year warranty on their systems, which shows the confidence that they have in their units.

Evaporative air conditioning is sufficient for many and it is lower in cost to operate. Breezair uses revolutionary new technology with its Invertacool™ system using 90 percent less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning units. Fujitsu does not offer this unit.

Ductless split system air conditioning with Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ) uses leading edge technology to design systems that work well in extreme operating conditions. Both efficient and durable split systems place the outdoor unit of the home or business and then connect it to an interior console, wall mounted or ducted unit. This gives you the ability to control the temperature of each room individually, as well as the ability to turn a unit off if it is not being used for an even more efficient system. Fujitsu also makes similar system; however, Mitsubishi is one of the pioneers of this air conditioning application.

Deciding on a Fujitsu air conditioning against Other Options

The brand of air conditioner you buy is important, but equally important is that you work with a company that will offer you support after the unit has been installed. Every home is different, as are its occupants and you want to have an air conditioning unit that works well for everyone and provides years of dependable service. So take care to find the best air conditioner for you.

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