Experiencing the benefits of evaporative cooling with Breezair

If you’ve been doing some research on air conditioning and coolers you’ve probably discovered the benefits of evaporative coolers and the features of cooling a home or property through the evaporation of water. While evaporative coolers aren’t necessarily new, the technology continues to advance and provide some seriously exciting options for homeowners and business owners looking for affordable and functional cooling systems that cool air without the expense of ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioning.

Often called swamp coolers, desert coolers and even wet air coolers, evaporative cooling systems use the evaporation of water as the cooling technique rather than air conditioning via a clever absorption refrigeration technique that cools air and uses less energy. Visit our evaporative cooling page to find out more information.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Adelaide

Used in dry climates, evaporative cooling significantly reduces energy consumption and is an effective alternative to traditional air conditioning allowing users to leave the evaporative cooling on for longer and enjoy the benefits of a more natural cooling experience without the dry or chilling effects of air conditioning.

Benefits of evaporative cooling

There is an extensive list of advantages and features for using evaporative cooling over traditional air conditioning systems as outlined below:

– Cheaper to buy than traditional air conditioning systems – up to 50% less
– Lower energy costs – up to 90% less
– Less greenhouse gas production from the systems
– Lower running costs
– Fresher air and improved ventilation
– Kind to the environment – no CFC’s or HFC’s
– Uses wet filter pads that filter the air
– Suitable for people with allergies
– You can leave the door open when the evaporative cooler is operating

How evaporative cooling works

The process of evaporative cooling is super simple; air passes water which causes the water to evaporate the heat used to cause evaporation is drawn out of the airstream, and the air is cooled. Modern evaporative coolers use a fan to draw air from the outside environment past wet filter pads, these pads filter the air and remove impurities and reduce the air temperature. The cooled air is then pushed back into the area cooled and filtered. The air temperature within the building can be controlled, and the air is always fresh not recycled allowing for a fresher experience for individuals.

Australia is the ideal climate for evaporative coolers as is any dry climate due to the high humidity. Evaporative cooling systems work best in environments where there is not a high temperature and high moisture content, so if you are looking for an evaporative cooler in some tropical north areas of Australia the system may not be ideal.

Features of the Breezair Evaporative Cooler

air conditioning solutionsCreated by one of Australia’s most awarded air conditioning manufacturers, Breezair is well known as one of the leading evaporative cooler creators in Australia and has a long history of manufacturing some of the most effective cooling systems. Breezair is a standout in the evaporative cooler market because the company uses patented motors and fans in their evaporative cooling units.The Breezair cooling units are well known in the Australian market due to their features as outlined below:

Whisper quiet operation

The Breezair evaporative cooling system is quiet to operate compared to traditional evaporative coolers. Individuals can sleep soundly while the cooling system is running and the cooling unit will not disturb even the lightest sleeper. The unique motor and fan is created to offer a smooth and quiet operation without the noisy cooling unit.

Durable and long warranty

Evaporative cooling systems created by Breezair are built to last. Materials that are used in the construction of evaporative coolers are suitable for all climates and have a long seven-year warranty as well as a warranty on structural components. The unit’s pump is reliable in even some of the harshest of conditions, and the system has a drain and clean function which allows water to drain through the system when it is not in use to ensure the unit does not block or algae does not grow when the system is not in use.

Technology advanced controller

The Breezair system uses advanced technology to offer a touch controller that allows the user to control the climate within the space all at the touch of a button. Similar to control panels for ducted air conditioning systems, the Breezair evaporative coolers allow for temperature control, so users have the ability to alter the temperature within the space easily.

Fresh air

Using an evaporative cooler like Breezair enables property owners to bring fresh air into their home or office space without the usual side effects of dried out skin, nose or eye allergies. The cooling pads remove the need for irritating allergic reactions and allow fresh air to circulate through the property that is cool and comfortable. The cooling pads dramatically reduce the temperature of the water in the system and make the air super cool for a quick and efficient cooling system throughout the home or commercial space.

Cheaper than air conditioning units

It is a far cheaper option to have an evaporative cooler than it is to install a ducted air conditioning unit or a split system air conditioner. Not only are there significant cost savings but also the efficiency is complimented by the ability to have a lower environmental impact. Using water to cool the system allows the Breezair evaporative cooling units to offer tremendous savings to users without losing the benefits of an effective cooling system.

If you’re looking for an Australian made evaporative cooling air conditioning unit that is cool, efficient and affordable, the Breezair system offers a more natural cooling system than ever before. Natural energy using water is a unique and efficient way to cool the modern home and homeowners and commercial property owners are reaping the rewards of investing in evaporative coolers, enjoying the benefits all year round.

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