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One of the most challenging moments we all encounter in our life time is the moment of decision. To be frank, we often run away from being faced with decision making scenarios. The truth however is, decision making is a part of life and no matter how we try avoiding it, there will always come a time to make one. Now, if you are in that moment of your life where you need to make a decision over what type of air conditioning you need to install in your new or renovated home, you might want to seat up and get this article into your spirit. For more information on evaporative cooling systems, click here.

evaporative coolingFor new home owners, its challenging enough to go through the huddles of building a beautiful home. From where to build, purchasing the land, living with the decision you’ve made in regards to the land location you purchase, getting the right builder and choosing all the right decision. The process of building a home is a long tedious one, of which only a patient person can persevere. Amongst all the troubles of completing a home, your most challenging decision to own a valued and convenient home falls in the moment you must decide which air conditioning you should install. Now, few things should serve as your basis for choosing to purchase an air conditioning system. The first of which would be; how energy efficient is the air conditioning i’m about to purchase? You see, it’s easy to get a cheap air conditioning quickly installed into your home, the consequence however, is in the long term. If you decided to install an air conditioner just because it come in cheaper without a full understanding of it energy efficiency rating and how it might serve you on the long run, you stand a chance of regretting your decision in the nearest future.

Another thing you might want to consider while deciding on your air conditioning system is the usability over the different seasons. Because Australia is very well blessed with extreme weather, your chance of having a good summer or winter depend heavily on the capabilities of your air conditioning system. Some air conditioners are able to perform excellently in harsh weather while some will disappoint.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling systems works the natures ways. The system intelligently absorbs hot air from outside, gently pushing it through cooling pages of the systems nicely soaked in natural water, this is then absorbed into the air in your home which give your home a naturally cooled environment. A fan then circulates the air throughout your ducts making sure every part of your home is naturally cooled. Evaporative cooling work the opposite of your traditional air conditioning system. The conventional systems uses recycled and stale air to air condition the home, the evaporative cooling system uses pure, 100% fresh, clean air to keep your home cool during the sweltering summer heat.

Evaporative cooling running cost

If you’re in the marketing and looking for an air conditioning system that work perfect to keep your home cool during the hot Adelaide summer seasons without breaking your bank account, then evaporative cooling system is your best choice. The evaporative cooling system overall purchase price is way cheaper than your contemporary air conditioning system such as ducted air conditioning. Evaporative cooling systems are also, affordable to run, as a matter of fact, you stand the chance of saving thousands of dollar per year depending on your requirements.

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a great way to cool and heat your home all round the year. Not only that ducted air conditioning systems are very popular for homes and offices, they are highly regarded as an efficient air conditioning with very high energy ratings. ducted air conditioning systems are a far better options when you’re looking for just one unit to do both work to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. There are many reasons why any home owners going through the decision moment should consider opting for a ducted air conditioning system. Having a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system in your home could boost the value of your home down the track if you’re looking at selling.

How is ducted air conditioning different

A ducted air conditioning units are elegant to build into the home without having to deal with bulky duct holes all over your ceilings. They are stylish and can be installed seamlessly. Choosing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning means you don’t have to deal with tow separate unit that operate has cooling and heating. Opting for an evaporative cooling means you need to install a gas heater to keep your home warm during the bitter cold winter seasons. Which then means you need to bulky air conditioning systems handing on your roof. In addition to that, ducted air conditioning systems can operate under any weather. You don’t need an excessively dry weather to enjoy your ducted air conditioning. You can run it any time any where.

Ducted air conditioning systems have the capability to zone each area of your home. This zoning feature allow you to save on electricity. By giving you an option of turning off your room when no one is available in that room give the systems a good advantage to warming or cooling the needed areas as quick as possible. After cooling or heating, your ducted system turns itself off saving you money and giving the system a breathing space over the off period before it kick back to work.

Comparing evaporative cooling and ducted air conditioning

Both evaporative cooling and ducted air conditioning systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing either of these two brilliant systems should largely depend on your need and your financial situation. Evaporative cooling systems are a cheaper option to purchase and to run on the long run, however, you have to consider that you can not just have a cooling system without installing a heating system. You need to also keep in mind that if you don’t do well with moist air flow in your home, evaporative cooling might not be suitable for you.

Ducted air conditioning on the other hand is a little expensive in comparison to evaporative air conditioning. However, if you consider the duality of this magnificent system, you’ll find that it worth every penny you spend on it. The bottom line is, be sure to speak to an expert in both before making your final decision as it could be a tragic uninformed decision if you are not well educated in both systems before opting for either. For the best and valuable information of both systems, give Rite Price Heating and Cooling a call today. With decades of experience in the industry, you can be rest assured that you are in a very good hand. Get all information on ducted air con on here.