Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner Systems, Mother Nature’s Way!

Call it weather gods or Mother Nature or by any other names, everyone would agree that these natural forces hold the reins of the climate cycles or weather conditions that we experience everyday. While modern science has not yet reached the stage to alter this phenomenon in the large geographical landscape, it has given us the means to make the life comfortable enough through technology. In order to overcome the sweltering heat of the sun, people use different equipments like fans, air conditioners etc in their homes or work places to lower the temperature and improve their interior environment. Find out how our evaporative systems can transform your home here.

evaporative cooling the nature's way

If you live at a place which has dry and hot weather conditions, evaporative cooling are considered as one of the very effective means of cooling the premises. Also, if you want your home to provide you with the desired feeling of comfort, then evaporative cooling should be your top pick list. They are also known as swamp coolers and use natural phenomenon of evaporation of water to cool the air temperature inside. Any air draft that passes through water is cooler and that is what we experience commonly in nature at the river bank or sea shore. Adopting same principles, the air outside the building which is hot is pulled inside the building through wet pads of these machines. The water soaked in the special pads cools the air which is made to pass through it before entering into the room. The temperature inside the room gradually comes down due to the supply of this cool air which is moisture laden as well.

Built on basic engineering design principles and commonly available materials, The cost of the evaporative cooling is very affordable but its effectiveness in providing the cool interior environment, even when the mercury is soaring, is remarkable. It barely requires any changes in the existing set up of the place and can be ordinarily installed without difficulty. All you need is water supply arrangement and electric connection available near the unit and it is ready to serve.

The pre-condition of using this system is the weather condition of your place in the summer months. It has to dry hot climate since its efficient is best in these conditions. In case your place has high humidity, then it’s best you opt in for a reverse cycle air conditioning system. It can be installed on the roof tops, windows or even in places where hot air from outside can be pushed in. One has to consider teh best options available for the place. The aesthetic design of the unit looks decent on appearance.

There are many discernible advantages for opting for evaporative air cooling system but the foremost and most prominent reasons for their use are:

  • Low upfront cost.
  • Low Running cost as it consumes less electricity.

Cost effective:

Compared to compressor air conditioners, the evaporative cooling unit comes at fraction of their cost and thus is affordable to large section of people. People with limited budget can also plan to install these systems at their residence or work place. There are different types, models and capacities of evaporative cooling available in the market to choose from and one can always take advice about the most suitable variant for the individual’s needs.

Less Recurring Cost:

In the times when energy costs are escalating, evaporative cooling are the welcome alternatives to save on energy cost. There is one small motor required to run them but compressor air conditioner requires two or more heavy duty motors to function; thus the electric consumption is high. The studies show that compared to refrigerated air conditioners, the running cost of evaporative air conditioners is only about 15% to 25%!!! It saves you huge amounts annually.

The list of advantages of the evaporative cooling systems does not end here. Since this system operation requires outdoor air to be pushed inside, most people consider it good for health.

Fresh Air Circulation:

While using evaporative cooling, one can keep the windows and doors of the room open to facilitate the circulation of fresh air which is good for health. In contrast, the refrigerated air conditioning system works effectively only when the windows and doors are closed since it sucks the air in the room and send it back after lowering its temperature. One can enjoy a good sleep in the night in its quiet humid cooling and save yourself from the feeling of dryness of skin, eyes or nose.

Ideal for outdoor work shops

There are many work places which are in the open areas or require free ventilation. In these places, the refrigerated air conditioners cannot be used as they require closed or confined areas. The evaporative cooling are the only logical solution to provide cooling environment there. This obviously enhances the comfort of the people working there and improving their efficiencies as well as for the benefit of clients/visitors to the business.

Good for wooden Furniture:

The moisture laden air pushed by evaporative cooling also helps to enhance the durability of the wooden furniture in the household or work since it provides natural humid atmosphere which prevents the wood to dry out.

Since most of its periodically replaceable parts like wet pads, nozzles, blades, etc are low cost items, the maintenance cost to keep the unit working for long years is also not high.

Despite its above mentioned advantages, there are some inherent limitations which should be borne in mind before purchasing this system.

Climate Dependent

The major drawback for evaporative air conditioners is its reduced effectiveness in regions or places where the ambient air humidity is high. Unlike compressed air conditioners which can be used in all weather conditions, They can be used only in hot and dry climates.

Water availability

Since the operation of this system requires regular water supply, it is not suitable for places where water is scarce or cannot be made accessible to the unit. If the water is hard, then the likelihood of salt and mineral deposits makes it prone to frequent cleaning and maintenance.

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