The 5 Big Mistakes People Make When Selecting Their Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit

Evaporative air conditioners bring many advantages over traditional units, including a low cost of ownership, easy operation, and drier, healthier air that is more breathable. However, if your home isn’t set up to take advantage of the particularly unique features of an evaporative cooler, or if you choose the wrong model for your environment, you could quickly become frustrated with the lack of functionality. That’s why it’s important to take several factors into account when selecting your evaporative air conditioning system. Here are some considerations that people often leave out when buying an evaporative air conditioning unit.

Purchasing an Evaporative Air Conditioner for Use in a Dry Climate

It might sound rather obvious, but a lot of people who complain about evaporative air conditioners have simply missed the point of them. If you don’t live in an environment like Southern Australia where humidity accounts for the most overbearing and discomforting sensations of heat, an evaporative AC unit won’t do much for you. Evaporative AC works by encouraging and expediting the natural evaporation process, which decreases the temperature of the immediate vicinity. However, if there’s no moisture to evaporate, there’s no way for an evaporative air conditioner to cool the surrounding area. That’s why the hot and muggy conditions of Australia makes it a prime location for these units.

Not Knowing the Size of the Space You Want to Cool

So you know a swamp cooler could reap huge benefits for your business or home, but you don’t know how to pick the best one. The size of the area you need to cool is the most important factor when considering different makes and models. If you don’t know what size of space you want to cool, you run the risk of either choosing an air conditioner that is too large, which means spending unnecessary money, or too small – which means it won’t cool the space as quickly. Evaporative air conditioners – unlike conventional portable AC units – are measured primarily in ‘CFM’ capacity: Cubic Feet per Minute. This basically means the number of cubic feet of air that a cooler can move every minute. You want your cooler to recycle all the air in the environment in which it’s stationed at least 20 times every hour, but in the simplest terms, the higher the CFM, the faster the unit can cool the room. Doing the calculations yourself is a good start, but bringing the dimensions of the space you want to cool to an accredited dealer will usually net you the best results. There are several special technologies and other differentiators in each model that could affect their efficiency, and distributors will be most familiar with these secondary considerations.

Thinking That Price Equals Cost

As with a variety of products, the upfront price of a particular air conditioning unit isn’t the best way to measure the end cost of ownership. Usually, the higher price tag of more expensive models is justified by ‘quality’ and not ‘grade’; while many manufacturers will try to lure you in with special features and gimmicks (grade), sheer quality usually has a bigger effect on cost, and determines important factors such as durability, lifespan, energy efficiency and design integrity. There’s nothing wrong with extra features, but the most important issue is quality. This is particularly true for practical appliances like air conditioners, which you will rely on for everyday comfort and liveability.

Underestimating the Power of Inverter Technology

Inverter technology has been integrated into a range of traditional and new air conditioners to vastly improve efficiency with precise, constant and flexible regulation of output temperatures. But only one company has found a way to pair it seamlessly with the unique characteristics of evaporative air conditioners. The Breezair – made locally in Southern Australia – is the only inverter ducted evaporative unit in the world; luckily, it’s a good one! Considered something of a miracle unit in the 100+ countries where it’s sold, the compact Breezair is often the best middle ground between footprint, features and price. Thanks to the inverter technology, it runs for the same electricity costs as a single light bulb while using a large centrifugal fan to cast a dramatic cooling breeze through any room or office.

Failing to Upgrade the Home’s Insulation

If you still have money left over after choosing the best evaporative air conditioner for your home, consider minor renovations to improve insulation. The better you can seal your house with insulation, the better your air conditioner will cool your home’s interior. Even simple things like adding door snakes and plugging breezy gaps in old window frames will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your new air conditioning unit.

If you’re considering a new evaporative air conditioner, it’s important to understand how these models differ from traditional air conditioners. Understanding common purchasing mistakes will help you get started in your search for the perfect evaporative air conditioning unit, but there’s no substitute for talking directly to a professional with expert knowledge. If you’re looking for the best in evaporative air conditioning Adelaide has to offer, contact our team at Rite Price by calling 1300 COOLING. Our experienced team of heating and cooling professionals can help you find the perfect AC unit for your space and budget. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to cooling your house in style. For more information on evaporative cooling, please visit out page.

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