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Australia is blessed with stunning beaches, expansive spaces and plenty of fresh air, and the outdoors and the natural environment are an excellent way to feel good and take advantage of living in the lucky country. In areas like the river or the sea, we feel cooler because of the air that goes through the water first before we experience it. Water absorbs the hot air, thus giving you a more refreshing feeling rather than feeling hot and uncomfortable. The same process works with the evaporative air cooling process.

ducted evaporative air conditionerWith an evaporative air conditioner the air passes through the unit installed outside your home that is then filtered inside the unit before it flows through the cooling pads and into your home, office or commercial space. The air is considerably cold and offers a fresh and environmentally friendly way to cool air and offer a more natural way to climate control a property.

If you are looking to install an evaporative cooling system in your property, you’re probably well aware of the benefits, however, in this article, we explore the advantages of an evaporative air conditioning system, maintenance tips for an evaporative air conditioning unit and why you should choose a professional evaporative cooling expert for your unit. Visit our evaporative cooling page to find out more.

Areas suitable for evaporative coolers

Due to their use of air to cool a property, evaporative coolers only work efficiently in areas that are not humid or tropical. In Australia, this means the ideal environment for evaporative cooling or evaporative air conditioning units is the southern coastal areas of the country including Adelaide as well as some of inland Australia.

The reason behind the need for evaporative cooling systems to be in dry environments is due to the fact that the evaporative cooling system works most efficiently up to a wet bulb temperature of 22 degrees.

The process of evaporative cooling works with evaporation and the humidity and any tropical heat works against the process and doesn’t allow it to flow through the wet filter pad properly.

Advantages of using evaporative air conditioner in your home

During summer, energy costs skyrocket, and the cost of cooling your property can sometimes be hard to manage. The hotter it gets, the higher the cost of running air conditioning units, and evaporative coolers are by far the cheapest form of cooling available on the market.

With the evaporative air conditioner, you can open your doors and windows even the unit is switched on allowing you to maximise both the air from inside and outdoor. Unlike other cooling systems, evaporative cooling units will not cause dry skin, allergies and the like. Since doors and windows can be left opened, the air will not be stale inside the room meaning fresh air can circulate, allowing you to breath fresher air from the outside rather than recycled air that is using pushed around by air conditioning units.

The advantages of evaporative cooling are outlined below:

– Lower purchase price from air conditioning retailers compared to refrigerated systems – often a cost saving of up to 50%
– Lower cost of usage – up to 90% which means the running costs for an evaporative cooler are super low compared to traditional air conditioning systems
– Fewer emissions and gas production – environmentally friendly
– Allows for ventilation throughout a property – so there is no need to close up all the windows and doors when an evaporative cooling system is operating
– No CFC’s or HFC’s that affect the ozone layer
– Suitable in dry areas
– The system uses wet filter pads rather than refrigerant
– Suitable for people with allergies and respiratory issues

The massive benefit of using evaporative cooling in your property is by far the cost savings for purchasing the unit and the ongoing costs of running the unit. A fraction of the normal cost of a traditional air conditioning unit, evaporative cooling systems are essential for dry environments that are low in humidity and can provide a clean and fresh flow of filtered air throughout a home or commercial space without the feeling of recycled, dry air.

Maintenance & service tips for an evaporative air conditioning system

But no matter how efficient or how much comfort it can deliver, no system can last for decades if you do not properly maintain it. You should always consider a reliable company that can keep your cooling system up and running like brand new. Ensuring you schedule regular maintenance is essential for the upkeep of an evaporative cooling system. Because the system uses air and water to cool it is important to have a service and maintenance schedule in place to ensure the unit stays in tip top condition.

Steps for maintaining an evaporative cooler will vary based on the unit, however, a basic overview is outlined below:

– Remove the filters and wash with a hose – this is to ensure all the filtered air is clean and free from any nasties
– Release any additional water form the tank
– Wipe out the inside of the unit where the water tank is
– Lightly brush the motor and spray with WD40 to protect the outer area of the motor
– Once you have done a basic clean and maintenance you can fire up the system to ensure it is working properly

While these steps are suitable for a basic clean and maintenance, to perform a proper service you will need to engage the services of a qualified professional evaporative cooling specialist on an annual basis.

It’s always important to ensure you read the manufacturers instructions before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance, as you will want to avoid any maintenance that affects the manufacturer’s warranty. If you do have any questions or queries, it’s important to speak with your evaporative cooling installer or provider to ensure you are doing all the maintenance and day-to-day cleaning of the unit correctly.

To find out more about the best way to service your evaporative air conditioning system, it’s important to contact your local air conditioning supplier to get a detailed understanding of the price of servicing and the steps required to meet your warranty and ensure your system is running at optimum levels at all times.

Why choose Rite Price for your ducted air conditioning system

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Thanks to their expertise and decades of experience, Rite Price can help in the narrowing down your options when choosing an evaporative cooling system. They can show you the features and advantages of a wide range of brands from Toshiba, Actron Air right through to Mitsubishi Electric. Rite Price stocks a wide range of makes and models of evaporative cooling systems are suitable for the Adelaide weather and climate.

Thousands of homeowners from South Australia trust Rite Price for their air conditioning & evaporative cooling needs. With a team of air conditioning specialists available to assist, you can’t go wrong purchasing an evaporative cooling system from Rite Price. The team also offer after sale support and maintenance, to ensure your system is kept in good conditioning for many years to come.

Rite Price offers the perfect solution for your home cooling and heating dilemma and offers a full 10-year warranty with your evaporative cooling unit. To find out more about suitable evaporative cooling systems for your needs, speak with the team from Rite Price Heating and Cooling today to find out more about how to find the perfect system to meet your needs.

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