Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning buying guide

This article will serve as your reverse cycle air conditioning buying guide, it’s also intended to give you every bit and of information, you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your ducted air conditioning. If you are on the search for a complete heating and cooling solutions on how to buy a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, this is the right page for you.

reverse cycle buying guide

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner systems are great heating and cooling systems. Regardless of what brand you opt for, you will always get the same heating and cooling effect. Having said that however, functionalities and durability of these brands differ based on the maker. The good thing is; you will certainly know by the price tag. As the old saying goes; you get what you pay for. If your goal is to make your home as comfortable as possible with a click of a button during both summer or winter seasons, then ducted systems are your best bet. By purchasing one of these multi-purpose systems, you are literally turning your home into an integrated cooling and heating machine. Not only that you get to use one machine for both summer and winter, but you also get to set the rates at which you could heat or cool a room in comparison to the rest of the house. Some of the ducted air conditioning brands allow you to make your kids comfy while playing their video games by setting their rooms at a cooler temperature while keeping your room warm and nice. Want to know more about these products? Please check our ducted air conditioning page.

Is ducted reverse cycle worth the cash?

Ducted reverse cycle systems can be a little pricey than other air conditioning units. The reason being that they are designed to operate effectively and efficiently during the hot season and the cold season without the need of a second or supporting system. The ever pending question however is; Are they worth the cash? Well, the answer depends on your or your households need. There a few things to consider when making this purchase, you would want to keep the size of your house in mind and your spending budget. The truth however is, before you spend thousands of dollars on installing an air conditioning system, you may want to speak to a heating and cooling company to help you make an informed decision. Most home owners who opted for the top of the range on reverse cycle products made their decisions based on a long term view and plan.

Purchasing such an expensive heating and cooling system can be a smart decision if you think on the long term bases. Products such as Mitsubishi reverse cycle can help you save on your utility bill down the track. This product is very well known for its efficiency and its durability. Also, if you purchase with us, you get some of the best deals out there as we are the biggest dealer in South Australia.

How do I select the right system

Spending thousands of dollars on your air conditioning system can be a huge decision, for this reason, it is imperative to get it right. Having said the above, to make the right selection of the system, will be influenced by many factors. First is the house you plan on installing the AC in, is it an old house? or a new one? You may be wondering why does it matter? The fact is; it does matter. If you are looking to put a brand new ducted system in an existing home, you will certainly need to get your structural engineering caps on just so the house structures are put into absolute consideration before installation. Installing a new reverse cycle into a new home is smooth sailing. Before installation, all you need to do is speak with your builder so they have a good support system in place at the time of building. Builders generally ask to know what type of system you plan on installing so they can order supportive timbers ready to go.

If your case is the former, you need to have some important information in place.

  • You need to get your existing home’s floor plan ready at the time you call your air conditioning company for a quote. Some may request for those numbers just so they can help you with the right system.
  • You need to have an idea of the locations of your doors and windows.
  • You need to know how old your house is and the type of brick that was used for the construction of the house.
  • You need to know the amount of insulation you have in the house.
  • You need to know the number of people living in your house and the number of rooms
  • You need to know the ceiling cavity space.ETC.

Having all this information handy will help your installation process and also give a rough idea on quotation just in case you are still comparing the market. Reputable air conditioning company such as Rite Price may send an experience installation specialist to your home for a consultation.

Reverse cycle features

It is imperative that you know the features of your reverse cycle before purchasing one. Knowing your system’s features will help you operate it effectively and get more out of it. Most importantly, knowing your AC features will help you determine if its the right fit for you and your family. Some key features to know are briefly listed below;

  • Reverse cycle controls; Ducted reverse cycle controllers are unique and different to the generic split system air conditioners. The controllers are usually installed on your wall, somewhere along the living area for easy accessibility for everyone in the house. Some brands such as ActronAir, would come with multiple controllers and with different colors.
  • Vents: This may sound like something only a technician would concern themselves with but knowing your Vents can help you decide where you would like it to be installed. Your reverse cycle vents are generally designed to be hidden in your ceiling.

What will it cost to purchase and run a ducted air conditioner

Ducted reverse systems as you’ve read above can be a little more expensive than the normal split systems or ducted gas systems. Depending on the amount of the outlets, ducted systems can range from $5,990 to $15,000. Also, the final price fully installed may be impacted by the size of your home. Most important thing is to get into with Rite Price Heating and Cooling air conditioning specialist.

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