How does a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system work?

If you’re a lover of climate control, you would be all across the benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning, or air conditioning as a whole for that matter. Perfectly cooling your home or office during the summer months and keeping your property warm and toasty during the winter months, reverse cycle air conditioning is a welcome addition to any property. While having great circulation in your property and lots of ceiling fans for the summer months might seem like a good way to combat the heat, air conditioning is the only way to create the perfect environment free from humidity and the uncomfortable heat that comes with the Australian summer.

Likewise, if you are living in a climate such as South Australia that can experience cool winter month as you don’t want to face setting up, maintaining and cleaning a fireplace or paying for individual room heaters, split system air conditioning units are the way to go.


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Where can reverse cycle air conditioners be used?

The beauty of these clever units is that they can be used just about anywhere. Whether you own a small shop and need heating and cooling or you have a home that requires air conditioning in some or all of the rooms, reverse cycle air conditioning is the way to go. Reverse cycle gives property owners the best of both worlds without having to buy two units to manage the heating and cooling of a property.

By tapping into reverse cycle technology, users can enjoy the benefits of conditioned air that is heated or cooled to the ultimate temperature for the comfort of the occupants within the property – no more shivering during winter or boiling during summer. No matter what the situation, reverse cycle is a great option for creating a space that is relaxing and enjoyable year round.

How does a reverse cycle air conditioner work?

Often referred to as heat pumps, reverse cycle air conditioners work using the following process:

Fan draws in warm or cool air from outside

This is the part where the air is drawn into the unit and then passed over a coil that is filled with refrigerant.

Heat or cool is absorbed and sent to your home

Next, this is the point where the refrigerated air is passed through the property to heat or cool the inhabitants and create the perfect temperature. This temperature is controlled by a remote via the user and can be set at any desired temperature for the ultimate comfort.

Warmed refrigerant heads to the compressor

Once your air has been pushed inside the warmed refrigerant heads out to the compressor and is turned into high-temperature gas, which is the pumped to a heat exchanger outside of the home to cool down and turn back into liquid.

Refrigerant heads to an expansion component

As the final stage in the process, the refrigerant then heads to an expansion component which works to lower the pressure of the liquid, so that it absorbs more heat.

What’s the benefit of a reverse cycle air conditioning system?

If you own your home or property, you’d be aware of the ongoing costs for heating, cooling, electricity, water and all the other bits and pieces that come with owning property. Installing an air conditioning system that gives you the option to heat or cool allows for one less thing to worry about in your quest to ensure you have the perfect environment within your living or working space. While fans and heaters might seem like a cheaper option when you’re building or renovating your home, the truth of the matter is they aren’t going to provide the all round comfort reverse cycle air conditioning can bring.

Air conditioning systems that offer heating and cooling options are a simple and effective way to ensure that you have the perfect environment 24/7 within your home or commercial space that is welcoming and comfortable.

What air conditioning units offer reverse cycle?

Individuals looking for reverse cycle can experience the benefits from either a ducted system or a split system wall unit. Both of these systems offer unique benefits based on the size of the property, the budget, access for installation and of course the style of the building.

Ducted systems

Ducted split system air conditioning units are ideal for new home builds where ducted units can be installed during the building process. Properties that require air conditioning in every bedroom and living space often opt for ducted systems due to the cost savings of having one centralized unit rather than a collection of split system wall units in each room.

As well as this, if you do require air conditioning in every room, you could wind up with eight to ten individual split system units which will wind up meaning you need to maintain and service eight to ten systems which can be costly and time-consuming. Having a ducted system allows for a unit that is centrally and easily maintained without the fuss.

Other features include zoning, centralized compressor/external unit, a hidden system within the wall or ceiling cavities and one centralized controller for the entire property. Ducted systems are suitable for family homes and can allow for specific sections to be zoned off based on whether the spaces or specific zones are being used. This option not only saves the system from working unnecessarily but also allows for a specifically tailored solution for your heating and cooling. In addition to the features above, in some of the latest reverse cycle ducted air conditioning units, there is the option of smart features, which can be activated via your mobile device. Using an app, the air conditioning is switched on as you drive home allowing your property to be perfectly heated or cool the minute you walk through the door.

It should be noted that ducted systems are ideally installed during the building process and retrofitting a system can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of installing post-construction. A licensed and experienced air conditioning professional will be able to provide a detailed quote for retrofitting a home or property with ducted air conditioning.

Wall units

Having a wall unit can be a fantastic and easy way to cool a specific room within your living or working space. If you run a small business from home and need a cooler working environment, or you are looking to climate control your living or sleeping space, a wall-mounted split system unit is a great way to lower your air conditioning costs by avoiding the need for ducted air conditioning yet installing a system that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wall units can be installed in a day and are simple and easy to maintain and use. Hung on the wall of the chosen room, split system wall units can heat and cool a space based on the kW of the system and is an easy way to create the perfect environment.

Ideal for units, villas, and smaller homes, a split system reverse cycle unit is a great option for investors and adds significant value to a home or office space.

Installing a reverse cycle air conditioning system

If you’re ready and raring to install your reverse cycle air conditioning system, it’s important to determine your kW or size of your system, what you’re willing to spend and whether your home or property is suitable for your chosen system. It’s one thing to want ducted reverse cycle air conditioning however if you’re in a unit it’s probably going to mean a split system wall unit is the way to go, so long as your body corporate approves of course!

Home and property owners looking for more information should always speak to the experts when it comes to finding out about reverse cycle air conditioning. Whether you are new to air conditioning or you have had a system in the past, an expert air conditioning specialist can assist to ensure you get the right system for the size of your property and you are installing a system that meets your needs.

If is always important to ensure your air conditioning system is installed by a licensed professional with current registration otherwise your warranty may be void. While it might seem simple for some split systems, it is important to ensure all warranty requirements are met and this includes getting the air conditioning installed by a licensed tradesperson.

Rite Price Heating & Cooling offer reverse cycle options for customers across Adelaide

Whether you’re looking for ducted air conditioning or split system reverse cycle, Rite Price Heating and Cooling offer a wide variety of air conditioning options for customers across Adelaide. As a locally owned and operated business, Rite Price prides itself on offering a transparent customer service offering and go above and beyond to ensure the reverse cycle air conditioning solution you choose suits your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for reverse cycle air conditioning for your home be sure to explore the options with the professional team from Rite Price Heating & Cooling.


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