Difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioning

Difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioning can be very blurry due to many reasons. In the article, we will go through different types of air conditioning to distinguish between those who run on inverter and non-inverter technologies.

The inverter air conditioner systems are some of the newest technologies available in the market today, and most likely they come with a different rating. Inverter air conditioner systems are marked with inverter rating. While non-inverter on the other hand have energy efficiency rating.

Before we go any further into the details of inverter and non-inverter technology in an air conditioner, its imperative that we start with basic functions of inverter system. The biggest difference between an inverter and non-inverter air conditioning system lies in the functionality of both system. The inverter technology is provide a modern and effective way of saving on electricity bills. This technology helps to control the speed of compressor motor thereby changing the temperature as per requirement. This can reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner while in non-inverter air conditioning systems the compressor motor operates at a complete capacity or non at all. Basically, what this means is that the usage of electricity in an inverter system is highly regulated and controlled based on how the compressor was designed to operate. The non-inverter on the other hand was designed with an earlier technology that doesn’t necessarily regulate how your electricity is consumed.

Compressor a huge difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioning

Now that we know that compressor plays a big role in what makes inverter a more preferred technology in any air conditioning system, i believe its only make perfect sense that we explore it. You see, one of the decided factors that determine how quick your room is cooled or heated by your air conditioner is based the external temperature and the internal temperature of the room in question. The Inverter air conditioner system generally operates by a controllable compressor unit. What this means is that your system’s compressor would increase effectiveness or capacity when it detect that your external environment is really hot or really cold depending on what you want to achieve. And immediately this system realise that your environment is at the stage you want it to be based on your preferred room temperature settings, it shut down or slow down the amount of energy consumption it applied to get it there.

So when cooling or heating capacity is needed to be increased, the compressor works at a high speed that increases the quality of refrigerant. On the other hand when normal temperature is modest, the compressor operates at a low speed and reduces the amount of refrigerant. This is how an Inverter air conditioners would work to keep your utility bills below a non-Inverter air conditioner. This is not the same with the non-inverter systems. The non-inverter air conditioners are rigid and does not put flexibility into consideration. There is no way of controlling the compressor in a non-Inverter air conditioner. It operates either at full capacity or none at all. When high amounts of refrigerant are needed it turns on, while the need is low, it turns off, causing unnecessary energy consumption.

Which system is more Eco Friendlier ?

In the present age where our world is screaming at us about how delicate it is and how badly we have been misusing this fragile world. The idea of running an Eco friendly air conditioner is very appealing and very much acceptable in all fronts. If you are out there in the market looking for ways to make a difference and help out with making our world a more Eco friendly environment that would sustain the generations to come, you would be comparing inverter air conditioner with non-inverter. The Inverter-air conditioning systems are capable of sensing sudden fluctuations in your room temperature, this systems are so intelligent they could balance out your room temperature in minutes. The temperature detection helps the compressor to slow down or work faster to achieve balance air flow in the room. Soon as your room temperature is at the point where you want it to be the compressor which takes most of the energy slows down.

So if you set your room temperature to be 25 degrees celsius in a 40 degree day, your compressor works its head off quickly to make sure that temperature is achieved and once that is done, the compressor slows down. It slows down to maintain your constant temperature, this way you it saves you running cost. This highly helps to save energy. Generally inverter air-con’s need 30-50% less electricity than non inverter air conditioner. For more information on eco friendly air conditioning click here.

Difference in purchasing price

It’s only natural to assume that Inverter air conditioners would come in a little more expensive that the non-inverter ones. The point most home owners misses is the long term gain that come with an Inverter air conditioners. If you think about the savings that will accumulate over time on your energy bills and the Eco friendliness side of the isle, you would appreciate this awesome system. Thinking of these details gives some sort of perfect justification for the price of the inverter air conditioner. The Inverter AC can save up to 50% electricity than a non-inverter air conditioner. And ofcos this figure is subjective as it depends on home to home, based on their needs and other factors. The conclusion with this argument is that , if you are planning to use AC for a long term, buying an inverter AC will be better, cause in the long run, the money you would be saving on electricity will make up the huge price.

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