6 Reasons Natural Heat from a Coonara Wood Heater Adds More Than Just Respite from the Cold,

As the colder weather starts to descend, people everywhere begin thinking about how they are going to heat their homes this winter. A slow-burning wood fire may seem like an out-dated way to stay warm in winter, but truth be told, the tradition of the wood fire has remained popular for many reasons – and not just nostalgia! Whether you love the smell and warmth of a slow-burning wood fire or you simply want to re-live a time when you would huddle around the Coonara watching logs crackle and turn orange, perhaps it’s time to consider installing a hardy Coonara wood heater in your home. Here are just a few reasons to consider Coonara wood heaters for your home heating needs.

Nostalgia: A Traditional Way of Heating

Many of us have fond memories of growing up around wood fires. A large number of Australians can recount childhood stories of helping dad collect a stack of wood, watching as he chopped it in the backyard, and then bringing the pile into the house to feed the hungry fire inside the wood heater Adelaide. A lit wood-burning heater gives your home that cosy feeling that can’t be mimicked by a gas heater or heat pump. The sound of crackling wood and the sight of red embers brings back memories of a simpler time, when family activities didn’t involve smartphones or iPads; the feeling these sights and sounds give you can’t be beat.

Humidity: A Crisp, Warm, Naturally Heated Home

Coonara burners heat your home naturally by using one of the earth’s most renewable resources: wood. Unlike costly, humidifying gas heaters, wood gives off a crisp heat that won’t add extra moisture to your home or require you to purchase a dehumidifier. Dry homes are easier to heat than moist, humid homes, and are less likely to have issues with mould growing on roofs, in corners, on furnishings and in curtains.

Scent: That Wonderful Wood Aroma

There’s no debating it: the scent of burning wood is a pleasant smell indeed. Australia has some truly wonderful trees out there, and firewood from these trees is readily available at most stores and even roadsides in the winter. You can opt for firewood varieties like cherry, pine, or oak, each of which has its own distinct scent. Try out a few different types of wood to see what you like the scent of, and check what types of wood leave you with the least amount of clean up. Once you’ve found the perfect aroma, your home can have its own delicate scent, all while keeping you and your family warm.

Multi-Level Heat For Your Home

If you live in a multi-storey home, think about incorporating your Coonara chimney into your home’s ductwork. Your wood burning heater can heat other parts of your house, which means no more worrying about separate heaters for each bedroom; you can sleep soundly knowing that everyone is toasty and warm. This may sound like a costly exercise, but it is quite simple. With a bit of ductwork added to your home, you can have natural central heating throughout the house.

Live With Less Dependence on Power Companies

Many people love Coonara wood heaters in the depths of winter because if there is a power outage, they still have heat. If you are looking to decrease your family’s dependence on utility companies, a wood burner is perfect – you choose when to run your burner and how much you want to spend on the fuel. Better yet, if the power does go out while you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, freestanding Coonara models can work double time as they heat your home and heat up your pots that rest on top. That means if you lose power during a storm, you won’t be stuck eating bread and butter for dinner.

Be Part of an Aussie Tradition

Coonara is known as “The Warmest Aussie Legend” – for years, Aussies have relied on their in-home Coonara wood heaters to keep them warm. If you’re looking to support local industry and Australian culture, Coonara is the way to go – the range is formed out of metal manufactured by Shamic Sheetmetal, an Australian company. Be part of the warmest Aussie legend with a Coonara wood heater.

A Coonara wood heater is one of the best options on the market for heating your home – these heaters use renewable resources as fuel, heat your home effectively on all floors, and are an Australian icon. There’s something definitely nostalgic about walking into a room and seeing a Coonara wood heater – the memories will warm your heart while the heater warms your body. If you are looking for a heater that is going to keep you warm and comfortable in winter, a Coonara is the perfect solution.

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