Conserving Energy and Saving Money: Meet the Energy-efficient Actron Air Conditioning System

You may be thinking about different ways that you can save money on your cooling costs this summer, and you may be ready to make an upgrade to a more energy efficient model of air conditioner. Perhaps your air conditioner is close to dying or has already stopped working, and you may be forced to make a replacement. Regardless of whether your upcoming AC unit installation is preferred or required, one thing is for certain. You want to find a quality system that provides you with an affordable way to keep your home cool. While there are several different types of air conditioning systems that are available for you to purchase, you may want to take a closer look at what the Actron air conditioning system has to offer. This is an advanced system that provides you with true value.

The Specifications of the Actron Air Conditioning System

Whether you have a smaller or larger home that you need to keep cool, you will find the perfect system through Actron. Actron manufactures several models for you to choose from, and this includes both wall splits and ducted options. The wall splits are suitable for cooling a single room, and they come with a remote control and an attractive exterior. The ducted systems have a reverse cycle air conditioning function, and these are designed to cool an entire house rather than a single room. In addition to these options, Actron also has add-on systems that are suitable for helping you to keep a specific area of the home cool by working in conjunction with another unit that is already installed.

The Energy Efficiency Benefits of These Types of System

The Actron air conditioning systems generally are highly energy efficient, and you may notice a drastic decrease in your cooling costs after you make the upgrade. Each type of system will provide the homeowner with different levels of savings. The size of the home, the climate where the home is located, how well insulated the home is and even the temperature setting on the thermostat can all impact how much money you may save once your new system is installed. Generally, the wall split units can help you to reduce energy consumption as much as 40 percent over some of the other models that you may currently be using. The central or ducted systems are available in several models. The classic model gives you basic features. The ESP Plus utilizes energy efficient zoning functions. The ESP Plus provides zone-style coverage for energy savings. The ESP Platinum may give you savings of up to 75 percent off of your cooling costs through its advanced features.

Why Choose an Actron AC System

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose to invest in one of the many types of Actron AC systems on the market relates to energy efficiency and the desire to save money on cooling bills. However, this is not the only benefit associated with investing in this type of system for your home. For example, Actron is an established company that has been serving residents in Australia for more than three decades. This is a company that local residents know and trust, and you can rest assured that you will be purchasing a quality product when you purchase an Actron AC system. More than that, some of the more advanced models made by Actron have wireless controls that allow you to control the temperature setting on your thermostat from any location. This innovative technology helps you to save money and to control the comfort level in your home.

Things to Think About Before You Purchase Your new AC System

There are several different models available through Actron, and you will need to decide which is best for your home. You should consider a few points before you make your final buying decision. First, you should consider how much space you need to cool in your home. For example, if you only need to cool one room, a wall unit is a great option. Second, think about your budget as well as your energy efficiency needs. Your experienced and helpful technician from Rite Price Heating Cooling will help you to learn more about the different models and can provide you with an estimate for the installation of the system that is best for your needs. The AC unit that you purchase may be in your home for one or two decades, if not longer. Therefore, you should take time to research the options carefully before you finalize your plans to purchase your new air conditioner.

How to Install Your Actron AC System

Once you have made your decision about which type of Actron AC system to install, you will then need to determine how you will install it. These are highly sophisticated pieces of equipment that can be difficult for an inexperience and untrained person to install. The best option for installation is to reach out to Rite Price Heating Cooling for assistance. The AC technician who you work with will help you to determine the placement for your system and will answer all of the questions about the different models. You can also learn more about the time required to install the unit and set up the installation for your new unit through your technician.

The decision about which type of air conditioning unit to install is a major one, and it is not a decision that you want to make lightly or hastily. It is important that you get your questions answered by an honest, knowledgeable professional and that you take time to thoroughly compare all of the options. Consider which models will be most energy efficient for you over time as well as which ones may be more affordable for you to purchase up-front. If you are ready to start comparing the different options available so that you make the best decision possible about your AC unit, you can easily contact Rite Price Heating Cooling today at 1 300 COOLING to request a consultation and to receive a quote for the installation of your new AC unit.

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