5 Things Worth Knowing to Ensure Your Combustion Heater Is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

When you buy a combustion heater for your home, it’s worth getting one that’s both safe and friendly to the environment. If you’re looking for combustion heaters in Adelaide, you’ll be well served by doing your research to find a heater that fits these two requirements. It’s also a fact of life that using a combustion heater properly can effectively lessen the pollution coming out of that heater. Many local councils around Australia are working with the government’s Environment Protection Authority to educate residents on how to reduce the pollution from these types of heaters. Here five things worth knowing to ensure your combustion heater is safe and environmentally friendly, too.

Starting the Fire Properly

The fire in your combustion heater should be started with only small pieces of kindling or wood. When the fire is already established, you can add bigger pieces of wood, but only gradually. The wood should be stacked loosely around the firebox to ensure that lots of air can circulate around it. This way, the fire is going to burn efficiently instead of smouldering, which will cause more smoke and pollution.

Maintaining the Fire Properly

The flame should be maintained so that it is bright and lively. It should only smoke when you start the fire and if you add extra fuel to it, and the smoke should only last a few minutes at most. You should open the flue and air intake for five minutes prior to and 20 minutes after each time fuel is added. To lessen creosote and soot build-up, just burn the fire faster for one to two hours each day it’s lit.

Inspect the Chimney

Inspect the chimney regularly to determine how well the fire is burning. If you notice smoke coming from the chimney, simply increase the air supply to your fire. It’s important to tell when there is a problem with the fuel, its operating method, or both. If your fire smokes for longer than ten minutes when you first start it, or longer than a minute after fuel has been added to it, there’s a problem that should be looked at.

Regular Cleaning Helps

The chimney, flue, and baffle must be regularly inspected to determine if a build-up of either creosote or soot has occurred. If there is such a build-up, it indicates that the fire’s not burning efficiently, which may cause chimney fires to occur. The solution is to clean your chimney, flue, and baffle at the conclusion of every winter season.

Never Let the Fire Smoulder Overnight

One of the worst things you could do is to let your fire smoulder overnight. This can cause excess pollution because a lot of smoke and very little heat are generated. Since the air intake is closed, the fire is starved and can’t burn well. Only let your fire burn overnight if the combustion heater is designed for continuous operation.

These are the five most important things that you should know when using your combustion heater. Following these tips will ensure that your heater is both safe and running in a way that’s friendly to the environment. There’s no need to cause excess pollution when you have a combustion heater, and these tips will empower you to use it without damaging the planet.

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