Can You Get Sick By Using An Air Conditioning System ?

An air conditioning systemThe relentless growth of Internet has made research relatively easy to conduct. Just type in any keyword phrase like an air conditioning system and you will be very surprised there are over 200,000 results on that same topic you just typed. This ubiquitous presence of information has given us it advantages and disadvantages alike. There is so many things going on online, one day you will read about how microwave is good for you, the other day you will read about how bad it is for your health. In the light of this, an air conditioning system has taken a hit also as there is some controversy regarding whether being exposed to cold air by an air conditioning system can make us sick. This sometimes raises the question, “Can an air conditioning system make you sick?” As children, we were often told by our mothers to bundle up to protect ourselves from becoming sick from the cold weather. As adults, we may tell our children the same, however our reasons differ, we tell them for the sake of dressing warmly for their comfort. We now are aware that the cold alone does not make us sick. Thank Goodness for knowledge expansion.

How Can An Air Conditioning System Make You Sick?

If you think your cold is a result of staying too long in an area where an air conditioning system is being operated constantly then you might want to read on. Whether it is from being outdoors or from your air conditioners making you uncomfortable, the turret is; an air conditioning system does not make you sick. However, if your cooling system is not properly maintained, you run the risk of circulating bacteria, mold, allergens, dust, and other irritants throughout your home. What makes you sick are these germs and irritants that we are exposed to because we keep our doors and windows closed so often.

Improperly maintenance of an air conditioning systems can cause a wide variety of illnesses. We have taken the liberty of putting together series of symptoms from allergy symptoms to dangerous conditions such as bacterial infections which can be contracted from an air conditioning system left without proper maintenance. Those who have sensitivity to allergens and mold, or have compromised immune systems are especially at risk. This group is largely made up of young children and the elderly. So yes! You can get sick from an air conditioning systems if it is not properly taken care of. Book an appointment with us today and lets get rid of all the bacterial that can make you sick from your air conditioning systems.

Getting A Professional Maintenance To Reduce Your Risk

You can reduce this risk to your family by having your air conditioning system professionally maintained on a regular basis. We always advocate a periodic check for your air conditioners because we want all home occupants to stay healthy at all times. If you call us for your air conditioning maintenance, one of our highly experienced service technicians will be able to identify if there are any issues with your air conditioner that may be causing mold or bacteria to breed in your unit. If the equipment is not properly draining and has become clogged, mold could be accumulating and spores can be introduced into your living environment. Early detection of this clogging is very important to your health and your family’s.

The same holds true for bacteria. If you have stagnant water sitting in the bottom of your condenser, it makes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitos, which can be extremely dangerous. This can come from bird feces that may have dropped into the unit or other debris that may be rotting inside.

If these conditions are present, our technicians are very well trained and able to identify the source of the problem and make the needed repairs. In cases like this, your air conditioning unit will need to be cleaned to remove the contaminants. Regular removal of debris that has accumulated within the unit is also essential to efficient operation of your air conditioning system. If not removed, it will impede proper air circulation, which can also lead to mold accumulation from areas that are not drying properly.

How Can I Protect My Family from Air Quality Related illness?

The best cure for any illness is prevention. We urge all our customers to not wait or delay but get the necessary prevention against air quality related illness as soon as possible. The most effective way of preventing many allergy symptoms in your home has to do with your air filters. Investing in better quality or electrostatic air filters will help remove dust, pollen, and other irritants from your air and prevent them from being recirculate through your air conditioning system. Homeowners need to make sure that their air conditioning system have a clean filter. This can be achieved by making sure your filters doesn’t clog up. This clogging of an air conditioning system filter is what obstruct air flow. The best way to get a great air flow is by getting your air conditioner’s filter checked every month just so your A/C can keep running efficiently. By keeping your filters clear and clean, you don’t only prevent illness from creating into your home, you also get to save yourself some money. Because when your airflow is clogged, your air conditioning unit will be forced to work harder which then rack up energy bills for you.

If your home has a moisture problem, because of where you live or previous problems with neglected heating and cooling systems, you may have mold under carpets or in other areas. Volatile organic compounds are dangerous substances that are emitted in the air such as formaldehyde. These gases are released over time from seemingly innocent sources such as carpeting or the adhesives used to install your carpeting.

If you are aware that you have an air quality issue, your next line of defense is to have an air cleaner and/or dehumidifier installed. Air cleaners and dehumidifiers can both be added to existing heating and cooling systems to improve air quality. Many of the best air cleaners use ultraviolet light to clean the air as it passes through, thus eliminating bacteria and viruses that have become airborne. While air conditioning does offer some dehumidification, it may not be enough to prevent mold or mildew from growing in homes. Dehumidifiers add an additional level of protection to fight the growth of these contaminants by drawing more humidity out of the air.

Having read all this valuable information. We recommend that you look toward the best interest of your family. Because health is wealth, we suggest you take the health and safety of your family very seriously. Talk to us at Rite Price Heating and Cooling today for a full professional service, repair and maintenance of your air conditioning system. We hire the best of the best air conditioning technicians, therefore you are bound to get the best service.

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