Why The Toshiba Air Conditioner Is Changing the Way People See Energy Efficiency

When people think of home energy efficiency and sustainable home renovations, they often think of complicated, core architectural technologies like geothermal heating, or more visible changes to appliances like low-flush toilets. But air conditioning can be one of the biggest energy sinks that homeowners will encounter, which also makes it one of the best opportunities for major energy savings – especially if your air conditioner doubles as a heater unit. Along with simple improvements to insulation like double-pane windows and extra draft snakes, new air conditioners are popular and effective home upgrades that reduce electricity costs and make your home more eco-friendly. Toshiba, in particular, has been leading a quiet revolution in advanced air conditioner technology. No place is better positioned to benefit from these technologies than Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs, where the varied climate of Southern Australia requires maximum flexibility and utility. Here’s what you need to know about Toshiba air conditioners and why they are revolutionizing energy efficiency.

Why the Toshiba Air Conditioner is a World Leader in Innovative Air Conditioner Technology

Simply put, Toshiba has been a leader in air conditioners since they entered the market in the 1930s! Toshiba has long made energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies a priority, most famously launching some of the first non-ozone depleting refrigerants in 1999. Toshiba’s latest offerings use digital technology and state of the art air filters and purifiers to revitalize one of the company’s most notable inventions: the world’s first inverter air conditioner, originally introduced in 1980.

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Inverter air conditioners control a highly variable refrigerant flow within the system by changing compressor motor speed, allowing for constant, precise regulation of temperature with maximum efficiency. Traditional air conditioners only have two modes; maximum and off. Inverted air conditioners have a variety of intensity settings to meet any need.

Is An Inverter High-Wall Split System For You?

Split systems take inverter technology to the next level, with the ability to cool and heat your home from the same unit. Inverter high-wall split units may have a higher price tag off the shelf, but can offer substantial savings over time. Split systems have two main components; an outdoor unit to capture and process fresh air, and the visible indoor vent that distributes warm or cold air through the room. The indoor vent is generally mounted high on the wall in a living or dining room, where air can travel efficiently throughout the home. Piping is required between the units, and distance between them – within reasonable means – is actually a benefit, not a detriment, while the number of turns in the piping may reduce efficiency. The outdoor unit can often be installed with existing utility components and along existing pipes and trim to reduce the visual impact on your home. Split systems pay the biggest dividends in houses with good ventilation, quality insulation, and sufficient space for both components.

Not Just for the Environment: Other Advantages of the Toshiba Systems

Toshiba systems include a range of configurable modes that improve efficiency and allow for a customizable experience; for example, eco mode offers the highest electricity savings while quiet mode tunes the indoor unit down to the lowest possible decibel range (some residential units create as little as 24 decibels). The units also support a range of customized pre-sets, plus flawless automatic operation, auto-diagnostics and self-cleaning. Many Toshiba systems come with a simple remote control for easy operation. Not to be overlooked are the filtration advantages of these systems; the range of exclusive air filters and purifiers (including the Super Oxi Deo filter with Vitamin C and real coffee bean extract) don’t just deodorize the air; they also improve cleanliness, air purity, and general comfort. Toshiba air conditioners are introducing whole new levels of energy efficiency to thousands of Australian homeowners every year. With a high wall inverter split system installed, your guests might not even know what’s different until they see you instantly change the heat with the push of a button on the handy remote and notice the near-silent box mounted below your ceiling. You’ll see the advantage in your level of comfort from day one, and with the first electricity bill that arrives after system installation. Rite Price has a variety of products to fit any budget or situation. To learn more about the advantages of modern air conditioners or the exclusive options of the Toshiba product range, or for a free, in-home quote, call 1300 HEATING or 1300 COOLING. The new face of energy efficiency might surprise you.

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