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Choosing the heating that is right for you

When it is time to consider keeping your family warm this winter it can be difficult to know just where to start. There are so many choices, all claiming to be just right for you.At Rite Price Heating and Cooling we are here to take all the stress out of it, explaining your options in a clear and practical way so that you make the right decision. Remember, heating can be one of your household’s biggest expenses so you need to consider your budget, the savings, the efficiency and of course, the aesthetics too. There is no point in choosing a heater that is cheap and cheerful if it is noisy and ugly to look at. There is also no point in selecting a stylish, attractive design if it cannot keep you warm.

Gas heaters are a great choice. No matter which system you end up choosing, we can guarantee it will be the best way to keep your house warm. It will generally be cheaper to run and it has lower carbon emissions than electric heating. In fact, in almost every instance, gas heaters will produce less than a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a similar sized electric heater. Gas heating is the responsible choice. So, with all that in mind, let’s look at the different types of gas heaters on the market today and how they compare when put to the test.

Ducted gas heating

On those cold, winter days, most heaters struggle to cope. Grill and blow heaters only work if you stand right in front of them and they really can’t deliver constant full room warmth. Ducted, reverse cycle heating also loses its efficiency as the days get cold. Ducted gas heating doesn’t have these problems and can keep your house as warm as you want it. Say goodbye to hot and cold spots and drafty zones. Ducted gas heating delivers constant, cosy warmth from room to room, all at the touch of a button. Ducted gas heating provides an instant warmth that will not dry out your eyes or feel uncomfortable. This is particularly good news for children and babies, the elderly, and allergy sufferers. The temperature will always be constant because it is controlled by a central thermostat. Ducted gas heating is a “whole of home” solution. Subtle and stylish vents are installed in your ceiling or floor to direct warm air just where you want it. Plus you have the added comfort of being able to choose the rooms you want to heat. If you are in the living room, there’s no need to have the bedrooms warm too. It is this sort of clever thinking and attention to detail that makes ducted gas heating an obvious choice. Ducted gas heating is the environmental choice. Research from the Australian Gas Association found that ducted gas central heating produced just one third of the emissions of heating provided by black coal-generated electricity.

Gas wall heating

The days of bulky, unattractive gas wall heaters are well and truly behind us, thank goodness. Today’s designs are subtle and stylish while still offering the ultimate in comfort. They are elegant, whisper quiet and unobtrusive. You will hardly notice that they are there. Importantly, they are also very safe which is of particular interest for families with babies, infants and young children and also for those who may be elderly or infirmed. With cool to touch cabinets and child locks you have real peace of mind. On Braemar wall heaters, these features are standard across all models. Unlike unflued gas heaters, Braemar gas wall heaters are flued so that exhaust gases are sent straight outside. With unflued heaters you need to keep a window open to get rid of the polluted air .. and that kind of defeats the purpose the idea of heating is to keep the heat in and the cold out! Using cutting edge motor cooling and speed control, Braemar gas wall heaters have a combustion inducer fan to draw the combustion gases through the heat exchanger and expel them outside. You don’t need to do a thing. There are also a range of sizes so we are sure there will be a gas wall heater to suit you.

Whether you live in a unit, townhouse or big family home, there will be a size to fit you and it is that flexibility that makes gas wall heaters such a popular choice.

Gas space heating

Braemar has a range of gas space heaters to suit any sized room, in a variety of configurations which includes the ultra-energy-efficient Eco-Superstar range. The superior technology built into the complete range of gas space heaters makes Braemar the ideal choice in room heating – offering the ultimate in comfort combined with stylish design. It’s also the healthy and responsible choice, not just for your family but the environment too. By installing a Braemar Eco-Superstar space heater, you’ll do more than just save on running costs… you’ll be helping making the planet just that little bit healthier. Research has shown time and time again that a natural gas space heater has the lowest carbon emissions of all other forms of space heating.

Unrivalled features make gas space heating the solution

Unlike unflued gas heaters, which increase the level of pollutants in the home, Braemar space heaters are flued, so exhaust gases are expelled outside. With unflued heating doors or windows must be kept open to expel polluted air, but with Braemar’s flued heaters you can keep doors and windows closed and eliminate cold draughts. With no unhealthy exhaust gases circulating in the air, no hot surfaces inside the home, no messy ashes or fumes and no smelly chimneys, Braemar space heating is the perfect choice for your heating needs. And to further ensure your safety, Braemar’s power flued space heaters include:

  • Overheat safety switches
  • Self diagnostic control systems
  • Cool to touch cabinets
  • Child locks

Braemar Eco-Superstar’s power flued gas space heaters boast an amazing 4.8 star gas energy rating – saving you money on running costs. Remember, the higher the star rating, the more energy efficient the heating so 4.8 is a fantastic rating and it means that more money you will save on running costs. With ultra efficient power flued heating, the Braemar Eco-Superstar delivers you one of the most economical forms of heating especially when compared to our competitors. Gas space heaters work by passing cold air over a heat exchanger, which is warmed by gas combustion. The warmed air is then pushed through a vent into the room. A thermostat is installed inside the heater. This senses the air temperature inside the room and sends a signal to the heater to turn on or off, or turn up or down. So you can never get too hot or too cold. And there won’t be any draughty areas either.

Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters are also available in two sizes to meet the requirements of your heating needs.The SH18 unit heats up to 62m2 and the SH25 unit heats up to 85m2. Rite Price Heating and Cooling will visit your home and measure your room, taking into account ceiling height and window area to ensure you get the right gas space heater.


So, three great products and there will be one just right for you once we look at your individual needs. Do you have a big house or a small unit or flat? Do you only want to heat one room or the whole house? Do you live alone or have a big family? Do you have a home with high ceilings and large windows? Do you know your budget and how much you want to spend?We will help answer all these questions for you and get you ready and warm this winter.

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