Room Air conditioners

Room air conditioners are very popular and are a great way to control the temperature in individual rooms. They are available either as an air conditioner on their own, or as a reverse-cycle air conditioner and heater and can easily be installed by the home handyman. room air conditioners

Affordable Climate control you’ll feel comfortable with

All Lennox reverse cycle window room air conditioners make a noticeable difference to your living comfort and wallet. A convenient and economical alternative to high wall splits and heat pumps, the Lennox window room air conditioner is fast and easy to install in window and wall areas. Your bedroom, lounge room, study or home office will feel cool in summer and cosy in winter, without heating up your energy bills. The Lennox window room air conditioners are also ideal for small commercial avenues like retail shops, small offices, on-site work sheds, school classrooms and office buildings where ducted air conditioning or split systems are not practical. It’s easy on the eye and budget, and provides year-round climate control at the touch of a button.

What do I need for my bed room air conditioners?

Whisper-quiet cooling and heating for smaller rooms.

Exceptionally designed for modern homes and lifestyles, our 2.5kw and 3.5kw inverter wall units are perfect for bed room air conditioners, studies, offices and rooms up to 30 square meters. Hitachi air conditioners feature an innovative design and inverter twin rotary compressors for minimal noise and maximum efficiency. By harnessing the latest in noise reduction technology, you’ll enjoy a peaceful environment and most of the time you won’t even notice your unit is on.

Enjoy the silence with quiet mode.

With Hitachi, noisy air conditioners are a thing of the past. Our modern ‘Full Flat’ design has ensured efficient yet ultra-quiet air conditioning. The intelligent, compact panel draws air through the top of the unit and diagonally across the heat exchanger to cover a wider area in near silence. So you and your neighbors can enjoy peace and quiet at all times.

Key Features:

  • Quiet operation from the ultra low fan speed for night time operation. Super low 22dBA on RAS25YHA3
  • Compact indoor unit for that smaller space.
  • Clean air from the washable antibacterial filter.
  • Easy to use controller.
  • Long lasting with outdoor coil anti corrosion treatment.

What about my living room air conditioners?

Efficient and effective for medium sized rooms.

When you need to heat and cool those medium-sized rooms, like living areas and rumpus rooms, a Hitachi 5kw or 6kw inverter wall unit is ideal. Designed for rooms up to 50 square metres, you’ll enjoy a comfortable environment all year round. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner has a lower impact on the environment thanks to improved efficiency and a non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Supreme Efficiency Every Time

Today more than ever, efficiency is paramount. And with Hitachi, you’ll get that and more with an array of innovative features. you’ll benefit from the Power Active Module(PAM) Inverter system, which minimizes power losses and ensures an efficient performance even when the temperature drops to-15 degrees. Plus, the directional airflow flap ensures rooms can quickly and effectively addict to the required temperature.

Key Features:

  • Clean air from the washable antibacterial filter.
  • Easy to use controller.
  • Long lasting with outdoor coil anti corrosion treatment.

I have a big open plan family area. Can you help?

Heat and cool large open-plan areas with ease.

Air-conditioning those larger rooms will no longer be a problem with a Hitachi 7kw or 8kw Inverter wall unit. Ideal for rooms up to 70 square meters, you can relax and enjoy the perfect indoor environment. Let Hitachi do all the hard work for you. Each unit includes a Lambda Heat Exchanger, a clever control feature that automatically provides optimal comfort with a combination of indoor/outdoor sensors and temperature settings. The unit intuitively adjusts the room temperature by allowing a wider air inlet path across the heat exchanger.

Enjoy a powerful performance for your room air conditioners.

Hitachi gives you a powerful, reliable performance every time. The Power Active Module(PAM) Inverter system minimizes power losses and ensures efficiency even when the temperature drops to-15 degrees. Plus, with the inverter twin rotary compressor, you can be assured of a smoother, quieter operation.

Key Features:

  • Comfort for the whole room with bi-directional louvres.
  • Long lasting with outdoor coil anti corrosion treatment.
  • Easy to use controller.
  • Clean air from the washable antibacterial filter.

Simple Comfort… even before you get home:

Easy to use LCD Remote Control.

Keeping your home at the right temperature couldn’t be easier. The handy infrared remote control allows you to accurately and easily select your desired room temperature from your armchair. All commands are shown clearly on the LCD display, while a smart system of one-touch buttons allows you to select the perfect temperature with ease.

But why wait until you get home?

you can set the temperature and timer before you go out, so you’ll come home to comfort no matter what the temperature like outside – what could be better?

Key Features:

  • Key control with the Auto/Cool/Heat and Dry settings
  • Quiet and comfortable Night set back mode
  • Always comfortable with fan speed control High/Med/Low/Sleep/Auto
  • Comfort in the whole room with Auto Swing Louvre control
  • In control with the 24hr timer
  • Cosy heating with the Hot Start function
  • Quick comfort with the Rapid Start Up Inverter compressor control
  • Commercial option of wired remote and central controls for controlling multiple units
  • Reliable comfort from the Auto restart

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