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Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

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Why Choose Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner?

ducted reverse cycle air conditioningMitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners offers your home the best comfort any air conditioner could offer. And it doesn’t matter if it’s cooling your home during summer or warming it up during winter, The all new Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner works perfectly for all seasons all year round. The Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is designed and built with the state-of-the-art technology that is effective with all seasons, quiet, simple to use, very reliable and most importantly it is highly energy efficient.

Low Running Costs: An important part of your decision making process when deciding on an air conditioner is to buy one that will be cheap to run. You really don’t want an air conditioner that will put an heavy weight on your finance in the long run. Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is very energy efficient. This mean that it’s very cheap to run and will save you lots of money on your energy bills in the long run. Mitsubishi air conditioner is committed to producing quality air conditioner products, and services. Also, they are the leading force in the research and development arena giving them the edge to gain the leading position in today’s marketplace. For your home and office heating and cooling, the best air conditioner system is Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

Quiet Operation: Noise from air conditioners can be very annoying, sometimes it keeps us up all night and we end up waking up tired and less functional the entire day. Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner recognize this issue and have worked very hard to product the most quiet air conditioner ever made. With the improvement on the air conditioner fan blades combined with the all new frills shape to the outdoor unit, it’s even more quieter than it was before when in low noise mode. The aim is to help homeowners enjoy there sleep, feel the air conditioner but not hear it.

Unassuming Design: The best way to get those unusual great deals is by talking to us about what’s right for you and your family. With the Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner systems, ranges of diffuser designs are allowed. Speak to one of our experienced team member today and we’ll do you a great deal.

Precise Control: One of the many ways our air conditioners can make our life comfortable is through the controls. The fact that we don’t have to walk around looking for the button make life even more easier. With the all new Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners controls, you are allowed to create the comfort levels that match your demands. Because over the years, the air conditioner components has evolved, this advancement in technology has allowed for accuracy and ease of use that has improved the functionality of the Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners.

Peace of Mind: Purchasing one of this master design ducted reverse cycle air conditioners will assuredly give you a peace of mind. The Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are so confident of their products that the residential applications are covered by a full 5 year parts and labor warranty. Please see our website for terms and conditions.

Installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is cheaper

At the mention of ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, some home owners usually feel uneasy with the sense of the cost compare to wall split air conditioners. The truth is that the reverse should be the case. When you consider installing five wall split air conditioner all around your house, you’ll beginning to realise that the cost you’ll be paying for those wall split will double the cost of purchasing and installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. The bigger your house, the more outlets you will need. A very large system with 14 outlets will cost from around $15,000. It will be money well spent; an investment in your comfort that adds value to your home. For most houses it is actually cheaper to install ducted reverse cycle air conditioner than purchasing and installing a wall split air conditioner system in each room. Installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner with five outlets fully installed will cost you from $6,650 which will offset the price of five individual wall split air conditioners. Talk to Rite Price Heating and Cooling today, we have great offers going on which can save you good more. For example, we have 1000 days interest free or $500 off the price(*terms and conditions apply)

Live in Ultimate Comfort with Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

The superiority in the Climate control of Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system gives the brand a edge when it comes to your control comfort. Climate control is only a touch of a button away when you choose Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. The mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is idea for multiple room applications and can incorporate zone control for complete comfort control. Summer or winter, our ducted reverse cycle air conditioner operate quietly throughout the home.

 Mitsubishi Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Controls

As air conditioners are becoming more advanced, so are the controls, to allow accuracy and ease of use to maximize the functionality of your air conditioner. The availability of wired wall mounted controller PAR-31MAA, Zone Controller and Wi-Fi Control not only provide you with a wide variety of choice, but also allow optimized programming efficiency.

7 Day Wired Controller:The PAR-31MAA permits all users to set up to eight stop or start patterns everyday for seven days at a time. However, the wall mounted seven day is totally optional for upgrades with the ability to connect to all Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner that’s listed in the Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner brochure. For more information on this 7 Day Wired Controller, please speak to Rite Price Heating and Cooling. The goody bag from Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner does not end with the controller, there are other brilliant features like operation control functions, error information, temperature range restriction, operation lock and multi-language display. The PAR-31MAA also offers the following at the touch of a button: LCD backlit screen, large easy to read display and mode view for both icon and word display.

Zone Controller: With Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners zone controller, you can now control 4 or 8 air conditioner zones in your home. The Zone Remote Controller is such an intelligent air conditioner controller that it allow monitoring and operating of the air conditioner unit and zones. Also, you have the option of setting up schedule operation of unit and zones for your air conditioner. The Zone Remote Controller is an high end technology that is equipped with three built-in sensors(temperature, brightness and occupancy) which allows for comfortable environment and also helps to reduce energy consumption.


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Wi-Fi Control:  Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is introducing Wi-Fi Control for Split and ducted reverse cycle air conditioner systems. This innovative technology give you an absolute freedom over the control of your home temperature. From anywhere in the world, you can set your home temperature, turn on or off your air conditioner unit from your mobile phone, tablets, or computer. All you need to do is just connect your Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner to any of your devices or an online account and you can have your control. Imagine a hot sunny summer, and you are driving back from work with the knowledge that your home will be as hot as the surface of the sun, you can easily turn on your home air conditioner and have it cool your home before you even drive close to the house. And by the time you step into your home away from the hot summer sun, your home is completely cool.

Superior Customization   The comfort our Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners come with is enormous. With innovative technology that help you live a convenient life style right under your finger tips. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is built with multiple functionalities like the unit ON/OFF, adjusting set temperature, changing mode, fan speed and airflow direction are all available.

Develop Operation Rules:  Tailor your system to always meet your needs. Unlock the full potential of your air-conditioner, program your system to automatically turn on/off at specific times, change settings, and develop temperature rules to ensure superior comfort day after day.

Control Multiple Unites:  Customise the settings of each air-conditioner in your home. Purchase multiple adaptors to manage all air-conditioners independently on the same account to ensure complete control over your system. The result is a tailored system to your needs.

Rite Price Heating and Cooling the ‘Diamond Dealers’ for Mitsubishi Electric Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner

With decades in the business of helping Adelaide family find the best air conditioning systems, Rite Price Heating and Cooling has been honored in so many ways with countless awards and now the Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi electric ducted reverse cycle air conditioner. Being the Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi gives us the access to the up to date technologies with premium deals for our valuable clients. Also, having the Diamond Dealer seal gives us access to quality training that will benefit all our clients. There are many factors that affect the “air conditioning load” of a system, such as room aspect, the number and size of windows, exposure to sunlight, and the number of other electronic appliances or devices. With our decades of experience in the industry, our team of highly trained staffs are capable of determining your precise need, while they carry out good, quality installation work that will keep your air conditioning working effectively for year. We employ staff with over 25 years of experience and we are proud of our reputation for delivering premium service, installation and support.

Get Mitsubishi Air Conditioners, Advanced Technology

When you opt for Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, you are in for the treats. With the constant improvement in an already advanced technology, you get the full power of Inverter ducted air conditioner at it best. The Inverter technology is the core of energy saving that will help you save lots of money on your energy bills. When you compare the ducted reverse cycle air conditioner systems with non-inverter models you can tell straight away that Inverter trumps the non. Choosing an Inverter technology for your home or office will be one of the best choices you’ll ever make concerning your home because your home or office will be heated or cooled quicker than the normal air conditioners would. It’s always important to note that contrary to the general believe that ducted air conditioners are expensive to install, you will be astonished that they are actually not. Moreover, investing in ducted reverse cycle air conditioners also adds to the overall sale value of your properties. Therefore, give Rite Price Heating and Cooling a call today on 1300791288 to arrange your FREE no obligation quote.   Contact us now for your free in-home quote on Ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning

Mitsubishi delivers advanced ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

It’s always a pleasure for us to recommend the ever trusted Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system to all Adelaide home owners. We believe the brand is a house hold name with excellent track record of decades of innovative machines. We wouldn’t hold anything back when recommending Mitsubishi’s advanced engineering for ducted reverse cycle refrigerated inverter systems.

One of the reasons why Mitsubishi advanced engineering ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is an optimal choice is the fact that it’s essentially designed to fit perfectly into your ceiling without any strains on your house structure. The Mitsubishi advanced engineering ducted reverse cycle air conditioner are easy to install, lightweight, compact and very efficient where the roof space is limited. This product will effortlessly become part of your home without with only the grilles visible, making everything about the air conditioning totally invisible to the eye.

The Mitsubishi advanced engineering ducted reverse cycle air conditioner set a whole new boundary for effective cooling across the entire house. Traditionally, home owners complain about getting some part of their house cooled easily and some part get hot quicker when the cool air is reversed for heating. This is called the cold and hot spot effect of a traditional air conditioner. With Mitsubishi ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you wouldn’t have to worry about hot and cold spot around your house. With Mitsubishi Electric, you are choosing a system that gives you even air distribution every time you turn it on.

Mitsubishi Ducted reverse cycle air conditioner unveils Australia’s highest resolution

Mitsubishi has been leading the air conditioning industry for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come. Most of the innovative development coined by the Mitsubishi group has revolutionized the world and life as we know it has never been the same.

Not long ago, Mitsubishi unveiled it diamond vision super screen for Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne Victoria. The super screen displayed in Melbourne is a massive 319.5 metres large screen. The size is not the only captivating aspect of the unprecedented gigantic super screen, but also the picture quality was astronomically impressive. This screen became the highest resolution LED outdoor display in Australia of this size. It has 4K ultra-high definition pixel density with 10,000 dots/m2. This land mark achievement is simply one of the many remarkable successes Mitsubishi has had over decades of innovation.  Mitsubishi has also supplied

We Compare Samsung and Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi was established as a Japanese shipping company in 1870, while Samsung started as a Korean trading company in 1938, specializing in groceries and noodles. Since then, both companies have progressed significantly, becoming well-established industry leaders who have risen from unlikely roots to prosperity. Samsung and Mitsubishi now compete to offer the best ducted air conditioning cooling solutions for consumers.

Air Technology That Maintains Consistent Temperatures

Both Mitsubishi and Samsung ducted air conditioning systems feature advanced cooling distribution mechanisms that maintain even temperatures throughout indoor environments. These systems also work to minimize the amount of energy that’s used to achieve heating and cooling consistency. Mitsubishi’s ducted inverter technology is able to run at variable speeds and adjust power consumption without constantly switching a compressor on and off. This enables a quicker response to changing temperatures, which helps maintain a consistent climate, and reduce energy costs and environmental footprint. Samsung also features technology that adjusts energy usage and temperature without constantly activating and deactivating a compressor.

Differences in Maximum Operating Temperatures

Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning has a slightly smaller range of operating temperatures when compared to the Samsung models. The Samsung models provide guaranteed cooling power in conditions as hot as 50 degrees Celsius, while the Mitsubishi models have a maximum operating temperature between 43 and 46 degrees Celsius. In terms of heating, Mitsubishi systems have a minimum operating temperature between -10 and -20 degrees, depending on the model, while Samsung systems will provide heating in conditions as cold as -20 degrees.

Smooth and Quiet Operation on Both Indoor and Outdoor Installations

If you’re setting up a ducted air conditioning system outdoors, selecting a Mitsubishi compact inverter offers the best option in terms of noise production. Their compact inverter features a silent mode that creates only 47 dB of noise, slightly better than Samsung’s outdoor inverter installation. According to specifications, Samsung ducted air conditioners that are installed indoors have a slight noise advantage compared to Mitsubishi’s indoor machinery. Depending on the model, Samsung’s indoor versions operate as quietly as 35 dB while the Mitsubishi indoor ducted air conditioners have a minimum noise level of 47 dB.

User-Friendly Control Systems for Flexible Operation

Both Samsung and Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning systems make it easy for the user to control the features that offer flexible use of their installation. These systems utilize control consoles that enable temperature control, energy-saving options, timers, and the ability to program the system to turn on and off automatically according to schedule. Mitsubishi’s control system has a diagnostic mode that alerts users to inefficiencies and potential problems, while Samsung’s model has a filter replacement alert. Mitsubishi also allows for easy setup of multiple consoles that can be linked through a central controller via the Internet, allowing for control of the system anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Mitsubishi and Samsung ducted air conditioners offer many superb options for those who require cooling power. At Rite Price Heating and Cooling, we provide free quotes when you contact us. This is an easy way to gather information on the type of system that best matches the requirements of a home or office before making a decision.

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