Humidity control with air conditioning

Before we delve into humidity control with air conditioning, let explore the history of air conditioning

control with air conditioningToday, many homes and commercial buildings are largely dependent on ducted air conditioners and similar cooling systems to keep temperatures at comfortable levels during the hottest times of the year. Although modern air conditioning systems are significantly more efficient than those from previous decades, the history of air conditioning can be traced back further than most people realise.

It’s even been claimed that air conditioning originated in Ancient Rome, when water was circulated through the walls of buildings to cool them down, but it was the landmark experiment conducted by Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley in 1758 that confirmed how evaporation can lead to cooling. These discoveries were furthered in 1820, when Michael Faraday discovered that liquid ammonia evaporation led to even higher levels of cooling.
However, it was not until the 20th century that air conditioning was developed as a serious commercial prospect. This excerpt from a NOVA documentary explores the impact of the air conditioner developed by Willis Haviland Carrier to provide cooling in a publishing house, where wet printing ink was not sticking to paper due to the ambient room temperature being too high. Many other types of industrial and commercial premises soon invested in their own air conditioners, when they realised the potential for making workers more comfortable and efficient
Air conditioners became more affordable for homes in the mid-20th century, and in recent years there has been a stronger emphasis than ever on delivering higher levels of cooling at lower energy cost. For more details about heating and cooling systems in Adelaide, contact Rite Price Heating & Cooling on 08 7007 0168.
Rite Price Heating and Cooling Air conditioning is the rite choice for your home if you’re planning to install new heating and cooling systems in your home, considering the respective pros and cons of air conditioners and fans could help you find the most suitable options.

Benefits of air conditioners

Air conditioning is the most effective method of home cooling, offering total control over the temperature of rooms as well as reducing humidity. Modern air conditioning systems offer much greater energy efficiency than older models, and can also operate silently. In addition to cooling, air conditioners can also improve the quality of air inside homes and allow you to avoid opening windows and doors, which in turn can help to reduce noise and keep out pests. If you are in the middle of decision making over your air conditioning system and you do not know what to purchase. Why not talk to one of our friendly expert at Rite Price Heating and Cooling today and we guarantee you that we will provide you with the best options available in the market.

Alternatives to air conditioning

If you are able to benefit from natural cooling in your property, due to its location or your natural climate, opening windows can be an effective way to reduce your reliance on air conditioners and other electrical systems in the summer. Ceiling fans can be used to supplement air conditioners by improving circulation, as an alternative in smaller rooms or when temperatures are less stifling. However, none of these alternatives offers the immediate relief and temperature control of air conditioning.

Home cooling and central heating units in Adelaide

Rite Price Heating & Cooling offers a range of air conditioning systems for homes and commercial properties, including ducted air conditioners and split system air conditioners in Adelaide. Contact Rite Price on 08 7007 0168 for installation or repairs of home heating and cooling systems.

Humidity control with air conditioning

There are further benefits to installing ducted and split system air conditioners than just cooling, with these systems also being effective for reducing humidity in residential and commercial properties.

How humidity is control with air conditioning

Most air conditioning is based on evaporation and condensing, which involves removing water vapour from the air and thereby lowering the humidity. In the case of split system air conditioners, these evaporator units will usually be connected to buildings externally, allowing hot air to be vented outside. However, there are some types of air conditioners that are specifically designed to remove water vapour – dehumidifiers – which vent heated, drier air into properties in cold and humid climates.

Importance of air conditioner efficiency

When looking for a new air conditioner, one of the most important criteria to base your decision on should be the energy efficiency of the system, as cheaper air conditioners that do not offer the same level of cooling power in terms of energy consumed could run up expensive electricity bills over time. Energy efficient air conditioners are also better for the environment, and can help you lower the carbon footprint of your home.

Ducted air conditioners in Adelaide

Rite Price Heating & Cooling sells and installs many types of heating and cooling systems in Adelaide, as well as offering air conditioner repairs. Phone 08 7007 0168 to find out more about the benefits of ducted air conditioners and split system air conditioners for your home or commercial property.

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