Everything you need to know before buying a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner.

What is it?

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are systems that have been designed to provide both heating and cooling functionalities. They can both heat up your home during cooler months, and cool down your home when the Adelaide heat gets to be a little too much.

This multi-purpose functionality of these systems means that they tend to be quite popular, as they stay useful throughout all phases of weather each year. Buyers tend to gravitate towards these systems, opting to spend their money on one system that does it all, rather than one heating unit and a separate cooling unit.

How does it work?

Reverse cycle air conditioning cools your home efficiently during hotter seasons, whilst also being able to warm your home in the colder seasons. The South Australian climate changes quite a lot throughout the year, which is why a reverse cycle air conditioning system would be a wise investment for your home.

These air conditioners work using the following process;

  • Fan draws in warm or cool air from outside. During this part, air gets drawn into the air conditioning unit, and then passed over a coil that is filled with refrigerant.
  • Heat or cool is absorbed and sent to your home. This part of the process is what is done to ensure the perfect temperature is provided to your home- controlled via a remote and set to any desired temperature.
  • Warmed refrigerant heads to the compressor. Once the air has been pushed inside the refrigerant, it is turned into a high-temperature gas, and pumped to a heat exchanger outside the home to cool down and change back into a liquid.
  • Refrigerant heads to an expansion component. This is the final stage of the heating or cooling process, and works to lower the pressure of the liquid so that it absorbs more heat.


As any homeowner would know, there are a bunch of costs that come along with heating or cooling a household. There are often many separate costs for water, heating or electricity and it can be slightly overwhelming to keep up with at times. If you decide to purchase a reverse cycle air conditioning system, you will have one system rather than two, ensuring that the costs of heating and cooling are combined throughout the entirety of your time with this system. By combining your heating and cooling system into one machine, it simply gives you one less thing to worry about when running your household and ensuring comfort of all household members and guests. Reverse cycle systems provide all round comfort that other systems simply cannot bring.

Buying guide

Buying a ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling system can be a smart decision if you think long-term. Certain products such as the Mitsubishi reverse cycle, can help you save money on your utility bill as it is prided on its efficiency and durability.

Rite Price Heating and Cooling has a wide variety of reverse cycle options that will suit any customer across Adelaide. If you are considering buying a reverse cycle system, we urge you to reach out to our team so that we can help give you some guidance when making your decision.


Actron Air is an air conditioning brand that is Australian owned, and has been manufacturing and designing unique air conditioners since 1984. Actron stands out as a brand due to its nature of being innovative and high-quality. 

Some features and benefits of Actron’s Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner are; 

  • Energy Efficient Tru-Inverter Variable Speed Compressor & Drive
  • Sound Reduction System (SRS)
  • Rapid Cooling & Heating
  • Smart Logic Platform
  • Superior Operating Range
  • Vertical Air Discharge
  • 8-Zone Advanced Controller

Depending on your needs, a reverse-cycle air conditioning system from Actron might be the right option for you. Actron Air offers some of the most energy efficient air conditioners, and is built to operate exceptionally in Australia’s extreme climates.

Mitsubishi Electric

People who tend to gravitate toward these reverse cycle systems, do so for the following reasons;

The Mitsubishi Electric ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the product of the Japanese manufacturing company that was established way back in 1967. This system can effectively heat and cool your home, so there is no need to purchase two separate systems. 

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Power
  • Control

Furthermore, the Mitsubishi controller incorporates eight different languages, hence increasing communication efficiently.


Carrier air conditioners are very reliable, and date back to the 1900s. The fact that Carrier air conditioning systems are still around today, shows how much people love their products. Backing this love for their products up, is reasons such as;

  • They save energy and are more economical than a lot of systems
  • Powerful capacity, ensuring quick heating & cooling
  • Prime comfort provided by precise control and constant temperature
  • Reliability with a wide startup voltage & operation temperature.

If you believe a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner would be perfect for your home but still aren’t sure which option to go for, call our team at Rite Price Heating and Cooling today, or visit us at your nearest store.

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