Avoid Costly Ducted Heating Repairs by Following Our Quick and Easy Checklist

A ducted heating system is a veritable necessity for many areas of Australia. While the system can keep your home warm and comfortable when the air outside turns chilly, it must be properly maintained in order to do so. Ducted heating repairs can be costly, and a poorly maintained heating system can result in high energy bills. All systems will require repair work at some point, but you can minimize the number of repairs needed and the cost of the repairs by following a few simple steps. These easy tips can help you to take better care of your ducted heating system while minimizing expenses, and when things are in need of repair you can call the professionals at Rite Price Heating & Cooling at 1300 HEATING and we’ll be on our way to help.

Replace Filters Regularly

Replacing air filters for a ducted heating system may seem like a rather unimportant step to take, but it actually is among the most important to keep your system well-maintained. When the heating system blows warm air through the home, the air must pass through the filters. When filters are dirty, the system must work harder to force the air throughout the home. This creates strain on a heating system, and this strain ultimately results in greater wear and tear on components. Effectively, repairs are more common when air filters are not replaced regularly. Furthermore, this step can keep the system functioning with peak efficiency. You can replace your filters on your own, or you can call us at 1300 HEATING and one of our technicians can complete this for you.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Another important step to take is to set up annual maintenance on your home’s heater with a trusted heating system service provider. The annual maintenance service is intended to serve several purposes. A knowledgeable HVAC technician will inspect and clean the system to identify potential problems and to keep the system running efficiently. Generally, this type of service is scheduled at the beginning of the season, so worn out or broken components can be replaced before they become problematic for a homeowner.

Make Small Repairs As Soon As Possible

In some cases, a broken heating system will simply stop working, and it is not possible to keep using the system even though it is damaged. However, it is also common for a broken system to struggle along despite having broken or worn out components. Using a system that is damaged or in poor condition creates additional strain on other components. Essentially, one small repair item could be addressed quickly and with minimal cost, or that problem could grow to create additional problems that must be repaired with greater cost to the homeowner. By making repairs early, you can keep costs lower.

Make Repairs in the Off-Season

Another smart idea is to make repairs in the off-season. There is generally a transitional period between the warm and cool season when heating and cooling system service providers are less busy, and you may even receive coupons or announcements for special offers when you service your system during these transitional times of the year. Generally, repairs should be made quickly for the benefit of your system. However, if you become aware of the need for service at the end of the peak season or through an annual maintenance service, making repairs in the off-season can be cost-effective.

Ask for Discounts

Heating and cooling system providers may have special offers and discounts available to customers that you are not aware of. These may have been mailed, may be available through social media sites or may be found on the company’s own website. The technicians who visit your home may not offer these discounts to you out of the blue, but they may let you know about them if you simply inquire. These discounts may save you a substantial amount of money.

Ducted heating repair bills can be costly, but it can also be costly if you do not make repairs quickly. After all, damage to the system may become more pronounced, or it may inflate your home’s heating expenses unnecessarily. When you follow a few preventive steps, make repairs as needed without delay and look for savings when you schedule the repair work, you can most easily keep repair costs to your system low. Contact Rite Price Heating & Cooling today at 1300 HEATING – we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our family of happy clients!

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