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Breezair air conditioning

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Coolair Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner

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Coolair Evaporative Air Conditioner… Australia’s greatest value-for-money in home cooling!!

Natural cooling:

Coolair evaporative air conditioner is wonderfully simple – which is why it works so well. Basically, hot outside air is drawn through a water coolair evaporative coolingsaturated Chillcel filter. The evaporation process removes heat and produces a large continuous stream of comfortably cool, clean, fresh air… nothing could be more natural. Air within your home is cooled and completely replaced every few minutes – so it is always Coolair fresh. Coolair also prevents unwanted airborne dust and pollen from entering your home, making it gentler on the eyes, nose and skin. That’s why Coolair ducted air conditioner is just like a breath of cool, fresh air in your home. If you enjoy outdoor entertainment, have a busy family, or just prefer the pleasures of indoor-outdoor living, then there is no better choice than Coolair ducted evaporative air conditioner.

New and improved range of Coolair evaporative air conditioners

As part of Seeley International’s continuous product improvement and innovation, Coolair introduces the new CPQ range featuring the state-of-the-art super quiet Stealth fan and smart electronics. With it’s advanced aerodynamic design, the Stealth fan produces a constant, cool, quiet and welcoming breeze by using only a small amount of energy.

coolair evaporative air conditioner

With a new set of smart electronics, the new touch screen MagIQtouch Controller is now available as an upgrade.

coolair evaporative air conditioner

Why choose Coolair?

Quality, high performance cooling for affordable comfort. The perfect natural cooling solution for every Australian home.

Non clogging water distribution system

Cooler’s unique patented distribution system means no clogging and no dry spots on the filter pads.

  • Clever high efficiency pad wetting system
  • Total pad saturation for total cooling
  • High performance cooling day and night

Long-life Chillcel pads

  • Durable evaporative cooling pad design
  • Exceptionally fast moisture absorption
  • High water flow and excellent dust-trap properties
  • Ensuring quick, clean, high performance cooling

New Stealth fan

  • Advanced aerodynamic design
  • Super quiet in operation
  • Produces a constant, cool quiet, welcoming breeze with a fraction of energy

Powerful Tornado pump

  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Built to outlast any less efficient conventional style pumps

Auto Wealther Seal system

  • Automatically closes off the air conditioner ducts when not in use
  • Reduces winter chills entering your home
  • Ensures comfort all year round

Australian made

  • Manufactured by Seeley International
  • 40 years history of excellence
  • Built in Australia to withstand the harshest climates

Built to last rooftop cabinet

  • Visually discreet, low profile
  • Integrates unobtrusively with the roof line
  • High performance Permatuf polymer construction
  • Highly durable, will not corrode or rust
  • Available in range of contemporary colors


Coolair evaporative air conditionerLooking for a combined cooling and heating solution?

Shelley International’s range of products also includes ducted gas heating that can complement your evaporative cooling air conditioner system. Take advantage of controlling your cooling and heating system from the same controller – the innovative touch screen MagIQtouch Controller. Ask your dealer for the right solution for your home.


Electronic smart-control system

  • Manages the whole-of-home system with reliable precision
  • Smart, reliable and durable-just set and forget!

Optional Clean & Dry function

  • Avoid the need for seasonal maintenance with this optional feature
  • This clever device conserves water by retaining the system’s water for up to 72 hours of non-operation
  • It the system is not used for 72 hours, Clean & Dry will release its load as garden friendly grey water, preventing the build-up of algae.

Flexible control with MagIQcool

  • The Coolair MagIQcool Controller is incredibly easy to use.
  • Set your preferred temperature level on the clever wall mounted control and Coolair will do the rest-quickly, cleanly, reliably
  • Maintain your desired comfort level with four convenient modes to choose from-cool, vent, auto & timer.

Save with Coolair evaporative air conditioner

When it comes to running efficiency, comfort levels, quiet cooling power and value-for-money whole-of-home ducted air conditioners, Coolair stands alone with big savings. This is especially true when comparing Coolair evaporative air conditioner against reverse cycle air conditioner systems.

What’s more, evaporative air conditioners can achieve the same comfort level at less than 20% of the running costs typically associated with a refrigerated system. Add to this, the massive purchase savings of evaporative over refrigerated air conditioner, and it’s very easy to see why Coolair comes out way in front.

Running costs for whole-of-home air conditioner

coolair evaporative air conditioner

*Based on approximate running cost figures per sourced from Sustainability Victoria-see its Cooling Fact Sheet at www.sustainability.vic.gov.au. Assumes a whole house area of 166 square meters, with 300 hours usage, a 60% duty cycle for air conditioners, and an electricity tariff of 28 cents/kWh. No brand names are mentioned in the Sheet. Note that evaporative coolers also use water.

Better for the environment

Evaporative air conditioner is so efficient it produces less than one seventh of the CO2 emissions compared to a 20kW ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system.

By choosing Coolair, you can reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse emissions entering our environment.

CO2 emissions for whole of home air conditioner(kg/yr)*

Coolair evaporative air conditioner

*Seeley International’s calculations, based on publicly available data[2008]. Co2 emissions based on 1.13kg Co2 e/kWhr electricity purchased from grid for Victoria. Data sourced from Part 6 of Schedule 1 to the Notional Greenhouse and Energy Reporting[Measurement] Determination 2008[Compilation N0 7, dated 1 July 2015]