Control the climate of your house with Ducted Air Conditioning System

If you are looking for all year temperature control of your house, Ducted Air Conditioning can be a perfect choice. You can get the comfort you desire all the year round. It is an integrated single system through which you can control the whole house. Just click a button and get year round comfort without any hassles. This is what makes Ducted Air Conditioning the perfect choice of many people.
The idea of air conditioning has grown over the years. You can find many different types of air conditioners in the market with many unique features. These air conditioners remained very common and a popular means to maintain the desired temperatures until the ducted air conditioners appeared in the market.
The ducted air conditioning is a very efficient means to have the desired climate at your house as you do not need to have multiple air conditioners running. You can have one single system which works. The ducted air conditioning system has multiple ducts which are used to distribute the air to different rooms.

Reasons behind the huge popularity of ducted air conditioning system

Zoned Air ConditionersThere are many reasons why ducted air conditioning has become the number 1 choice of all. The first and foremost point is that the system is energy efficient. It makes very less noise and is known for the well distribution of cool air. As the ducted air conditioners have a great temperature control system and they consume lesser power, you can save up to 35% on your energy bills.
Another reason why it has become a preferred choice is because it is most suitable for the big buildings and houses. It does not cool just a few areas of the house rather it can cool your full house. You also save your hard earned money, as it does not need huge maintenance. So, it is a win-win situation for all.

Parts of the ducted air conditioner

There are two parts of these systems. It is split into the noisy part which is generally kept on the roof or outside the building and the main part which releases air is kept inside. The part which is inside is known as the cooling part and consists of the air adjustment and thermostat.

Things to keep in mind while buying the ducted air conditioning system

It is better not to buy the systems on the advice of so-called consultants as 80% of them are just interested in closing the deal and making sales. So, it is always better to do some homework so that you can get the most out of your money. It is better being safe than sorry. So, before relying on the suggestions of the consultants, get some details at your end.
Here are some tips you should consider before you proceed to invest in a ducted air conditioning system.
• It is very important to consider how you live at your home. If you have children or other members, do they stay in bedroom while you enjoy in the living area. If it is so, it is necessary to have a system which cools the entire building at once.
• The area of the glass in your house and the amount of sunlight hitting it has to be kept in mind.
• The height of the home’s ceiling is also a point which should not be left out.
• Do know in advance whether the ceiling is insulated or not insulated.
• It is better to know the construction type of your house.

Some suggestions while you choose a company

¬ There are some steps you should perform before you choose a company. Do ask them how they calculated the capacity of the air conditioner to be installed at your home. If they cannot share the information, it is better to start looking for some other company.
¬ It is also necessary to ask for some written testimonials or the contact numbers of some satisfied customers to know about the company.
¬ Check the details of the company with your friends and relatives before you hire them
Performing these simple steps can help you choose a company which knows your needs and help you with the perfect solution.

Features of Ducted Air Conditioning

There are many features of ducted air conditioning which makes it the best solution for the homeowners. Given are some of the features of the system.
1. Easy maintenance- The system is very easy to maintain. The ducts just need to be cleaned periodically and professionally. The compressor also needs periodic servicing to keep it in good condition. The system just has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit which has to be cleaned regularly to avoid any issues.
2. Energy efficient- The ducted air conditioners have become more energy efficient over the years. The new models of the systems are better than the older ones and consume lesser amount of energy. After the introduction of the inverter technology these systems have started coming with the highest star ratings too.
3. Extensive coverage of area- This is the best feature of the ducted air conditioning systems. The ducted air conditioner uses ducts to distribute air in each area of the house and it is done uniformly. The air is distributed in each room and this makes it an ideal solution for the homeowners.
4. The capability of zoning- You cannot only achieve the desired temperatures with the ducted air conditioners, you can also assign different zones in your house and set the temperature, the fan speed individually. This type of feature gives the user ultimate flexibility.
So, just contact the nearest company and get the best ducted air conditioner installed right away. With amazing features and low maintenance, you can get the most out of your money when you install such system. Make sure you have some sort of preconceived ideas regarding the brand you wish to get installed and the budget you have in mind and you will get many options in the market.

If you would like more information about how your home could benefit from a ducted air conditioning system, please visit our ducted air conditioning page.

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