Use these tips to save money with your Ducted Gas Heater!

We all want to stay warm in these colder months, but without the huge financial burden. We know it can be difficult to truly enjoy the warmth of a heater, if all you can think about is the costs involved. Though heating can be a big cost when running a household, it is a necessity for you and your family to stay warm and comfortable, and we have some tips that will help you save money, whilst keeping a warm home.

Tip 1: Choose the right heater for you

By simply choosing a ducted gas heater, you are set to reduce your power bills by up to $400 per year if you end up choosing the Braemar 7-star ducted gas system. Electricity costs rise faster than gas in many areas, and this makes Ducted Gas Heating a good alternative for those who are looking for a cost-effective way to warm your home.

Here, we offer several options when choosing a ducted gas heater, so it is important to make sure you choose one that is right for you. Factors you should consider when deciding on a heater include; energy efficiency rating, ease of instalment, budget, and the size of the heater. 

Rite Prices ducted gas heaters have a range of up to a 7-star efficiency rating, which may be something you are looking for if you prioritise the environment, as fewer greenhouse emissions are produced through ducted gas heating than most other forms of heating.

A smaller ducted gas heater is easier to install and therefore cheaper, so if you’re on a budget, it is important you keep this in mind when deciding which option will work best in your home.

When looking to purchase a ducted gas heater, you must be conscious of the size of the space you are heating; measure your home! If you buy one that is too small there is a chance your home will stay cold, and if you buy one that is too big you could be faced with bills larger than necessary. For more information on Ducted gas heaters, visit this link.

Tip 2: Measure your home

As mentioned above, it is important to consider the size of your home when choosing a ducted gas heater. By purchasing one that is the right size for your house, you will ensure the maximal amount of efficiency being delivered by your heater.

You will need to find how many square metres your home is, and then times it by 130 (watts). A thorough measurement is important for an accurate assessment of what size heater you will need.

Tip 3: Avoid turning your heater up to high after getting home

We’ve all been there; arriving home after a long day out and longing to be warm, only to find your house is very cold. It is tempting in this situation to turn the thermostat up to high, however the higher you turn your thermostat, the higher your bill will be; approximately each degree you turn it up adds 10% to your bill. One way to solve this issue is to set a timer for your heater to turn on about an hour before you arrive home, and that will give it some time to slowly heat up your home to a desired temperature in an efficient way.

Tip 4: Be mindful of the surrounding space

Is there a window cracked open? An open door somewhere, or open curtains that could be closed? These are things to be mindful about when looking to optimise the heating effects of your heater. An open window can cause heat to escape when it could be otherwise contained in the desired area. Additionally, closed curtains help a room retain a greater amount of heat, possibly even allowing you to turn the heat down one degree and cut further costs on your energy bill.

Tip 5: Insulate your home

Again, it is important to be mindful of your space when wanting to optimise the efficiency of your heater. By insulating your ceiling, walls and floors, you can prevent heat from escaping, thus becoming an effective way to keep your home warm and monitor the temperature with ease. A simple and cheap way to seal gaps around windows or doors is to use caulk or a self-adhesive foam door and window seal. Your home will benefit greatly once insulated, not only in the cold months of Winter, but in Summer as well. An insulated home assists the consistency of your desired temperature and will ultimately save you money!

If you decide to make the most of these tips, congratulations on using your ducted gas heater efficiently! You are now set to maximise the efficiency of your heater, enjoy having a warm and comfortable home, and cut unnecessary energy costs when your bill comes!

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