Tips for handling summer air conditioning emergencies in Adelaide

No one wants to suffer through summer in the heat without functioning air conditioning – so if you’re in the sticky situation of having an air conditioner emergency you’ll need some tips to ensure you’re on the road to a functioning air conditioner in no time at all. In this article, we explore some handy tips on how you can handle a summer air conditioning emergency in your Adelaide home without melting plus some easy to remember ideas for how to avoid another air conditioner emergency in the future.

Tips for navigating around an air conditioning emergency in sweltering Adelaide

Tip 1 – Turn off your air conditioning unit

Before you start rummaging around and finding out what your air conditioning unit is on the blink, firstly it is important to turn off your air conditioner so you don’t run into any trouble when you start exploring reasons why it could have malfunctioned. While you might believe yourself to be super handy in DIY, it is essential to leave the heavy lifting for the air conditioning specialists who have years of experience with emergency air conditioner repairs.

Tip 2 – call in the professionals to fix your air conditioner

This goes without saying, however, if you are in the unfortunate position of having a broken or malfunctioning air conditioner during summer you will need to ensure you get on the phone straight away and call the professionals to get over to your Adelaide home quick smart.

While the professionals are on their way, there are a couple of other things you can do to make sure you are keeping your Adelaide home safe and secure in the meantime.

Tip 3 – Evaluate the air filter in your internal unit

If you have a split system you can have a quick check to see if the air filter needs attention. Sometimes a split system air conditioner can malfunction or not work due to a build up of dust in the system or you could have dirty coils. While you are waiting on your air conditioner specialist to arrive you can perform a quick check of your air filter and components in case this helps to get the unit up and running before emergency help arrives.

Tip 4 – Check the breaker switch or safety switch

Often in long hot summer days there can be an influx of people in the local area using more power which can lead to power outages or a safety switch being activated – so if you are wondering if your air conditioner is not working due to power outage or a short circuit you can check the breaker switch to see if this is the case. If you’re not comfortable or familiar with safety switches it is best left to the professionals or someone in the know.

Tip 5 – Check your indoor vents

It’s probably not something you do until you have an air conditioning emergency but you can walk around and check any indoor vents for your unit to see if you can feel any air coming out of them at all. If you have ducted air conditioning in your home or property you should be getting an annual review check up – so this could be a good way to see if the vents are working at full capacity.

Tip 6 – Avoid the temptation to pull anything apart

While you might know your way around basic air conditioner maintenance, it’s a whole other story when it comes to emergency repair. Your unit might need a major fix or you could have some components that need to be replaced. Keep in mind if an unlicensed professional pulls apart or tries to fix your air conditioner your warranty might be voided so always only check basic components including the air filter rather than diving in and trying to carry out air conditioner surgery yourself.

Tip 7 – Turn on any fans if you have electricity

If you are sweltering away in the summer Adelaide heat you need to put on as many fans as you can, this is of course if you have electricity available. If you do have young children or elderly individuals in your home it is essential you turn on as many fans as possible or worst case scenario jump in the car and go for a quick drive in the car air conditioner while you wait for the emergency air conditioning repair technician to arrive. Just make sure you provide your mobile phone when you call in for an emergency repair so they can find you when they arrive!

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