Summer air conditioning tips: 4 steps to surviving summer heat in Adelaide

Surviving the heat in Adelaide can be an arduous job and when you’re faced with extreme heat you’re going to need a few great ideas to maximise your air conditioning so you can escape the heat and avoid dehydration and the flow on effects of being exposed to extreme heat and sun.

Whether you’re looking to escape the rising mercury as the summer months get hotter year on year or you’re looking for some ways to ensure your summer air conditioning is giving you the most bang for your buck, we’ve gathered some helpful tips and hints to ensure you can survive the summer Adelaide heat in style without blowing a gasket.

Tips to beat the heat with summer air conditioning

If you have air conditioning in Adelaide during the summer it’s safe to say you’re going to use it – but if you want to ensure you are maximising your air conditioner to keep you cool – there are some clever ideas to help you on your way.

Step 1 – Get your thermostat sorted

If you have air conditioning and you haven’t got your head around the temps and thermostat now is the time to get started. By having a good explore of your programmable thermostats you can optimise temperatures during the day and ensure you are setting the temps or timers correctly.

There is no use having the air conditioner blaring when no one is there, so make sure if your property is unoccupied you turn the system off. This will not only lower your energy bill but will also allow you to create the perfect comfortable setting in your home, all while saving money on your energy bills.

If you’re not 100% sure about what you are doing with your settings you can call in an air conditioner technician to ensure everything is set up correctly and to meet your property’s exact needs.

Step 2 – Clean the coils

This tip is an old favourite but it is true – without cleaning the coils you could wind up making your air conditioning unit work harder for less output.

Before you even start the summer months take the time to give your unit a maintenance check or call out an air conditioner technician to ensure you have everything up and running as it needs to be to ensure that when the hot summer months come around you are sorted when it comes to optimising your cooling during heat waves.

Step 3 – Replace your filter

If you have a split system this tip can be a lifesaver for beating the heat. We can all be tardy when it comes to maintaining our split system yet when we don’t regularly check and maintain the filter it can wind up making your cooling ineffective.

Take the time to check your filter regularly so you can keep up to date with how often you need to replace it. If you think your filter needs to be replaced too much you can have a chat with your friendly air conditioning specialist and to find out if you need additional support or repair.

Step 4 – Check your outside unit regularly

We can all be forgiven for neglecting the outside unit of the air conditioner so as you approach summer it is time to give your outdoor air conditioner unit a little TLC to ensure your air cond is cool and in tip top shape for the summer heat.

Make sure there is no debris surrounding the unit and no trees or shrubs are blocking the path of the unit – you would be surprised what creepers and outdoor animals might be creating in the outdoors so be sure to trim back foliage and giving your outdoor unit a little bit of love.

How to ensure you are keeping cool during the sticky Adelaide summer heat

Rite Price air conditioning understand how to keep your family cool during summer and warm during winter, we’re the leaders in air conditioning in Adelaide and are proudly owned and run locally.

We strive to ensure our clients and customers are kept comfortable over the hot summer months, so you can enjoy your home or office in the comfort that you are getting the best air conditioning available on the market.

We offer a wide range of air conditioners to meet every need and budget, ranging from ducted air conditioners for the largest or properties right through to a small evaporative cooler.

Beating the heat in the Adelaide summer is a tough job but if you have the right air conditioning installed in your property you can sit back and enjoy cool and clean air all summer long. You can even set your timer and temperature on your thermostat to ensure the moment you return home or to your office you have the perfect cooling on so you can never sweat through another summer again. Want to make sure you are set for summer? Call in an expert air conditioner technician from Rite Price. Our dedicated team have decades of experience providing the highest level of customer service all across Adelaide and stand by out dedication to superior customer service.

We stock only the top brands in our three showrooms, so you can enjoy premium air conditioning from a brand you can trust. Sweating through summer in Adelaide is a thing of the past with Rite Price Heating and Cooling. The expert team understand the essentials of air conditioning and can ensure you breeze through summer cool and comfortable – no more long sweaty days without adequate air conditioning.

If you’re looking for a quality air conditioner to take the edge off the summer heat, it’s time to get in touch with Rite Price and arrange an obligation-free quote to get a better understanding of how you can survive the summer heat in Adelaide with air conditioning.

Located in Munno Para, Valley View and Clovelly Park, next time you have a summer air conditioner emergency be sure to call in the team from Rite Price and gain access to air conditioning service and repair that will get you cool in no time at all.

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