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Kent Wood Heaters

Kent Wood Heater

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Kent has developed the ultimate
low emission system using
the high-tech energy boost
combination twin air intakes.
Not only does the wood burn, but
the carbon rich gases emitted
burn as well! Virtually no smoke
or other gases are released.


The fire that burns clean.

Buying a Kent wood heater not only gives you a clean burning, efficient method of keeping you home warm throughout winter. By joining with KENT and, in turn Landcare, we are all working towards restoring the environment and protecting its long-term viability.

We all need to consider our use of natural resources and the effect we have on the environment. Wood, as a form of natural energy, is the only sustainable and renewable fuel source for heat generation. Wood burning in a Kent wood heater does not add to the greenhouse effect. If wood is left to naturally decay, consumed in a bush fire or burnt in a wood heater, it emits similar levels of CO2. Kent manufacture slow combustion wood heaters using low emission technology to gain maximum heat output with minimum emission into the atmosphere.


Designed and tested in Australia on Australian hardwood, for our unique conditions.

Kent sets the standard in wood heating technology. The firebox, the heart of all Kent wood heaters, offers strength from the 6mm thick steel construction which maintains a thermal efficiency second to none.


Choosing the right Flue System

Choosing the right flue system is as important as the choice of wood heating appliance. To extract maximum performance from your Kent wood heater, we strongly recommend the use of a Maxiheat flue system. Maxi heat flue systems are designed, tested and are in accordance with Australian Standard AS2918. Maxiheat flue systems and components are manufactured to high standards from quality materials.

Maxi heat has manufactured flue systems for over 15 years and are the market leader in flue technology.

Fabricated stainless steel, the flues are the highest quality at a budget price. All Maxiheat drop box flue kits incorporate fully welded active stainless steel flues. Also available is a chimney kit to suit in-built heaters.


We strongly recommend that you use an authorized installer which usually takes less than a day with minimum disruption to your home. It is important to check local regulations prior to installation as well as specifications provided in the instruction manual. Specifications are a guide only and are subject to change. Inbuilt heaters are not zero clearance appliances and must not be installed in timber stud walls or within an enclosure made of combustible materials. Inbuilt heaters can only by installed into an existing masonry fireplace or a full masonry enclosure.

No other form of home heating uses a renewable fuel supply and we want to ensure the supply is maintained for our future, and the future of our children.

kent wood heater


The mid-sized Kent convention heater. Designed with
small to medium sized homes in mind. When you require
the natural warmth of a slow combustion heater but
floorspace is at a premium, the Somerset is ideal with
a peak output of up to 11 kilowatts. The variable speed
electric fan is discreetly attached to the back of the heater.
Available in Charcoal Grey.


This robust radiant heater has plenty of character and is
ideal for those seeking an economically priced heater with
maximum heat output. the large window door enables
you to see the brilliant flame burning inside. Durable
Ironbark finish will complement any decor. Fitted trivet
accessory included. Trivet is great for cooking soups,
making coffee, reheating stew and boiling the kettle.
Overall average efficiency 57%

kent wood heater

kent wood heater

E V O L U T I O N 8

The EV8 is a convection wood heater
that is massive in all its proportions.
An enormous firebox complemented by an
equally impressive viewing door allows
not only maximum heat from the wood
burnt but offers the best possible ambience
for your home. The EV8 like all Evolution
model heaters is complete with its own
factory fitted three speed fan. Designed
for larger homes is optimum in style, heat
performance and efficiency.




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Combustion rates
are easily adjusted
so your Kent heater
can safely continue
all night without
more logs, so you
can wake up in the
morning to a home
that’s still cosy.


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Kent wood heaters
have been tested by an
independent testing
laboratory and comply
with the following
Australian standards,
A.S. 4013 particulate
emission, A.S. 4012
power and efficiency.



The firebox door
features a tough
ceramic glass that
is self-cleaning as a
result of the superior
air flow design.