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Haier Flexis 

High-Wall Split Systems

Haier split system

Comfort: The innovative design of Haier’s Hight-Wall Split System alls super quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort.
Health: Haier’s new High-Wall Split System patented Self-Clean Cold Expansion Technology
Performance: With Haier’s A-PAM DC Inverter technology, the desired temperature is reached quickly and efficiently before establishing for ultimate comfort.
High quality components: Haier’s High-wall Split System uses high-quality and durable components that offer efficient energy usage, generate lower noise and ensure reliable operation.

What is R32?

The chemical name is Diflouromethane. Formula CH2F2. It has already been used for many years as a compound of the refrigerant blend R410A(R410A is a blend of 50% R32 and 50% R125). Haier and other industry players recognise today that there are several advantages of using R32 in its pure form instead of R410A and other types of blends. In terms of safety, R32 is slightly flammable refrigerant classed as an A2L.

Advantages of R32

R32 has a number of environmental benefits compared with R410A. R32 is a commonly used refrigerant with a global warming potential of 675. This is less than one third the GWP of R410A refrigerant (2090). R32 provides high energy efficiency from a smaller refrigerant volume. As a single component refrigerant, R32 is also easier to recycle and re-use which is another environmental bonus. In addition, R32 is easy to handle for installers and service technicians because it can be charged in both gas and liquid phase. Plus, the working pressure is similar to R410A, and there are no glide problems that occur with blended refrigerants.

Sleep Mode

Haier High-Wall Split Systems have a specially developed Sleep Mode, providing the ideal environment to ensure maximum comfort and energy saving during your good night’s sleep. When using Sleep Mode to cool, the temperature rises 1 degree Celsius per hour for two hours, then maintains the final temperature for six hours, then deactivates. When using Sleep Mode to heat, the temperature drops 2 degree Celsius per hour for tow hours, maintains the temperature for three hours and before increasing by 1 degree Celsius for the remaining three hours, then deactivates.