The Buyers Guide: How Does a Gas Wall Furnace Stack Up Against Other Heating Options?

gas wall furnace

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Navigating the world of home climate control has never been more overwhelming with gas wall furnace, but there’s an upside. The sheer number of options ensures there’s a better solution for every type of house in every location. For many homeowners in Adelaide and the surrounding area, gas wall furnaces still hold a healthy lead over a range of alternatives. Let’s take a look at why this is.

Gas wall furnace Aren’t What They Used to Be Thanks to Major Tech Advancements

Technology isn’t just introducing brand forms of heating, it’s also enhancing other contemporary systems. A great example of this is the various iterations of the Braemar wall furnace. The new Ecostar units remove the few, traditional disadvantages of natural gas wall furnaces. They have improved energy efficiency and important safety features like overheat auto switches, cool-to-touch surfaces, child locks, and advanced self-diagnostic control systems.

Gas Wall Furnace Beat Oil and Wood for Pollutions, Inside and Outside Your Home

Natural gas is well known for its ecological benefits, namely much lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional forms of heating. The reduced pollution from gas wall furnaces isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for you. Braemar wall furnaces, for example, are flued. This means they transition exhaust to the exterior of your home, which keeps interior air clean and fresh, contributing to better health and comfort alike. Unflued heaters require you to open doors and windows to keep interior air clean, which naturally decreases efficiency, introduces cold draughts, and creates an uneven interior climate.

Gas Wall Furnace Provide Unparalleled Comfort and Design Advantages

Besides offering unparalleled comfort, gas wall furnaces are also the most elegant heating systems (next to fireplaces) to complement a range of interior design styles. The cabinets are available as inbuilt and console models in a range of colours and finishes, depending on the manufacturer; high quality brands also feature cool-to-touch exteriors, so placement isn’t dictated by safety or proximity to other furnishings. Comfort is enhanced by high-end features like soft air, pre-heat, Boost heat (for rapid kick-in), auto settings and memory functions, 7-day programmable timers, and remote controls.

Gas Wall Furnace Fit Without a Hitch: Save on Installation Expenses

A lot of the potential cost savings of other forms of home heating may be outweighed by costs associated with specialized installation. Split-system air conditioners/heaters, for example, require equipment to be placed outside your home in addition to the interior heating unit, which has limited placement options; piping between the two also limits this type of heating to certain homes. Most new homes are optimized for the relatively straightforward addition of natural gas furnace heating systems, and it’s likely that your house already has one installed. Natural gas is readily available to most Southern Australian communities through safe, proven infrastructure.

The environmental movement has prompted an influx in alternative energy heaters and systems like geothermal. Rising fuel costs and the self-reliance of wood burners has fuelled a major resurgence in traditional stoves. State-of-the-art wall-mounted split-system air conditioners infuse new technology and convenience into home heating. Even so, many reasons, natural and propane gas wall furnaces really take the cake when it comes to simple, proven, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly heaters in Adelaide.

Gas wall furnace

If you’re looking for an efficient central heating unit to heat larger living areas, gas wall furnaces could be the most economical option.

Benefits of gas wall furnace

These slimline furnaces are mounted to walls and can be used to heat single or multiple rooms, depending on the layout of the home. In the case of open plan properties, gas wall furnaces can be used to provide heating to many areas. Because these heaters use natural gas, they are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to some other forms of heating, as well as being cheaper than electrical heating, with only minimal electricity being required to power the fan.

Types of gas wall heaters

Gas wall heaters are available in a range of styles, making these suitable for many types of properties. The type of heater you choose will also depend on your heating requirements, with larger rooms and areas being better suited to ducted gas systems, which vent fumes outside the property, and smaller rooms being suitable for unvented models. You can also choose to install gas wall heaters that deliver different temperature levels in different rooms of your home, making it easier to maintain warmer temperatures in children’s bedrooms compared to lounges and kitchens.

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