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Braemar split system


Braemar Split System Air Conditioner

An Ideal Braemar Split System Air Conditioner

Braemar split system air conditioner is built and designed for cooling your home during the hot summer season and heating your home during the cold winter season respectively. The wall split system air conditioners are designed to heat or cool one room or area of your home or office. The Braemar wall split system air conditioner was developed into two units, one was to be installed inside the area where you want cooled or heated and this unit is referred to as the wall-mounted indoor unit. The other unit however, was designed to stay outdoor and it’s called the outdoor unit. Braemar wall split system air conditioner has been developed to save you money on energy bills, with the DC Inverter technology which automatically regulate the power applied to your air conditioner compressor helps provide more precise climate control to your air conditioner.

Why Choose Braemar Split System Air Conditioner?

When looking for the best air conditioner option for cooling your room during the summer season or you want to heat up your room during the cold winter season, your ideal option will be Braemar wall split air conditioner.

Braemar wall split system air conditioner has been developed to save you money on energy bills, with the DC Inverter technology which automatically regulate the power applied to your air conditioner compressor helps provide more precise climate control to your air conditioner.

  • Made by a large global manufacturer – you can feel confident that your split system air conditioner will perform with outstanding reliability
  • DC inverter technology – it provides more precise temperature control, but uses less energy
  • R410A refrigerant – better for the environment
  • compact design – less intrusive to the design of your home
  • filter – impurities are removed from the air before it is conditioned and redistributed, for cleaner and healthier air

Braemar Wall Split air conditioning

Braemar split inverter air conditioners

  • Premium range includes 5 models, from 2.6 kw to 8.0kw in cooling capacity. This range is more economical to run than the universal range using up to 9% less energy as well as offering up to 9% greater efficiency.
  • Universal range includes 6 models, ranging from 2.6kw to 8.0kw in cooling capacity.

The Braemar wall split air conditioner indoor units are designed to complement your modern home or office. When you opt for braemar wall split air conditioners, your indoor unit will balance well with your home regardless of your home design and also suits the multi split air conditioner system hence, delivery a consistent appearance through homes and offices when multi split system installations are mixed with single split systems.

Braemar Air Conditioner Inverter Controller Features and Benefits

Braemar split system air conditioner comes with an amazing user friendly remote controller that give the user an easy to read display buttons which enables you to set the right air conditioner control configuration to suit yourself and your family temperature needs.

  • 5 modes: Auto, cool, dry, fan, heat.
  • 7 fan settings: Auto, low, medium low, medium, medium high, high, turbo.
  • Sleep function: Adjusts temperature up or down a few degrees during the night to reduce energy usage and ensure optimal temperature while you sleep.
  • Quiet function: Reduces fan speed to ensure air conditioner runs quietly.
  • Turbo function: Ultra high fan speed to quickly cool your home.
  • Energy-saving function: Change the pre-set upper and lower temperatures. Perfect for apartments to reduce energy usage.
  • Timer: Delay the on/off of your air conditioner to save you money.
  • Error code display on fascia: Assists in fault identification and troubleshooting. Also displays when DRED is in operation.

Universal range

Indoor unit features and benefits

Air Conditioner DC Inverter Technology

The inverter technology is built to help your air conditioner reduce it energy consumption rate. With the power conversion circuit built to electronically regulates the voltage, current and frequency. The Inverter technology is so powerful that it controls your air conditioner’s compressor therefore making the energy consumption relatively reduced. Also, the inverter circuit controls the compressor that controls the air conditioner’s output. This means that by raising the frequency, you’re raising or increasing the output, while reducing the frequency will lowers it. With this technology, your air conditioner provide much finer temperature control than the generic air conditioners.

Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioningWith a network of experienced dealers and service agents throughout Australia, you can be confident that, when you are buying a Seeley-backed product, you’re buying energy efficiency, excellence and reliability

Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioningCommitted to energy efficiency, all Braemar reverse cycle air conditioners meet Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements to help reduce Australia’s carbon emissions

Braemar ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) provides a method by which a controlling body, like a power supply company, can limit the power that your unit can consume at critical peak load times to potentially limit the need for blanket power outages